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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: I see he uses Sony A9s. Be interested to know what state his knuckles are in at the end of the day with those big lenses. Even primes meant my knuckles were crushed between grip and lens.

Looks like we need more Knuckles for the subject and lens,, judging from the newly released photos and text ....

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nandbytes: Interesting read... Out of interest why did you guys choose this photographer? Or have you guys began a new series?

Also would be pretty interesting to see interviews of professionals from around the world. Like the British royal family and how they work with protocols etc.

Cool stuff hope this isn't a one off.

Its all in timing of the shot...Clever for an emotional series starting just now...best shot from DPR..for the timing the political photo journalism series .,,

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f1point4andbethere: I'm a bit surprised the interviewer didn't ask about the A9II silent shutter, particularly if/how it's been of benefit to his work.

He needs 'Global Shutter' as well ..so need both Global and Silent 'shutter....tha'll be a brand new shutter mechanism....for the "Global Deals'''

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Rather than comparing some one and how he measures up based on perceived virtues like decency. which are all relative....he should look at a person to find out the uniqueness and be curious what is that angle of this person which attracts a big section of population. just by looking in a different angle. ( which means he should ust reframe the shot with a different angle and perspective)...then he will get the whole 'picture'...now the shot was made in a so skewed angle...:)

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Wasted a chance to add a nice little built in flash making it a budget wholesome package for average users.

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SteveAnderson: Thats a lot of glass in there.

Does it not adversely affect IQ?

If you Drink you get dreamy bokeh...

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Adapt or die... Fate of M.

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Look at the color, fidelity and gradation 9:37 - 9:57. Canon has the most film like look.
That's what people love canon for. Film like color and gradation of Canon Vs. Clinical bright pictures of Sony and Nikon.

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Softskilled: Iā€™m just surprised that two features were not discussed in the review at all. The automatic dust cover on the sensor and the filter slot behind the lens. Those things are killers for my way of taking pictures

Also new Flexible Priority Fv Mode.

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Good Camera

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