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  • Watching TV for a significant time each day is hazardous to your health (as is sitting at a computer for a significant time). Binge watching is a higher level of hazardous behavior. Google is your ...
  • Replied in A word game
    Trump is the gold medal liar in this campaign. Finding truth in his ridiculous utterances is a major challenge.
  • The cornerstone of Trumpty's short-fingered immigration reform "policy" was the wall across the full southern border. Now he's "softening" his immigration "policies" and the quibbling about the ...
  • Research it if your room temp IQ will allow it. Analyzing it is another story. Then your ignorance would only be because you're too stupid to understand the reality. like Trumpty Dumpty ...
  • Thanks again for proving how apt your alias is. Tainted pretty much covers you with a sprinkling of infantile behavior worthy of Trumpty Dumpty.
  • Child, you know less than nothing. As I said, don't bother trying to grow up. Just keep up the childish Trumpesque insults. Thinking that the answer is simple is part of your simpleton "logic." ...
  • Simplicity is you and where your head is. Too bad you have no real curiosity or capacity to actually learn something. All you do is troll a silly little forum on a photography website with your ...
  • Replied in Uh oh.
    I guess your willful ignorance about the country's debt is also blissful for you. It's not rocket science but most folks fall prey to believing in simplistic slogans rather than making any attempt ...
  • Replied in Uh oh.
    The ignorance represented by the above statements is profound. You have zero credibility remaining.
  • Now let's not be frivolous here. I want to assure Trump supporters that the hundreds of polls that have already been taken by dozens of polling companies are skewed heavily in favor of ...
  • Don't forget: that all the rest of the polls are skewed in Clinton's favor due to bad design and bad execution. Also that Trump must be right that he has no need of state campaign organizations or ...
  • Oh, come now, a real Russian troll might fake being an ignoramus, but he wouldn't be as convincing as Lyle.
  • Your gullibility has always been transparent, but the magnitude of your gullibility never ceases to amaze.
  • Replied in 'Struth.
    Along with the "fact" that Trumpty is going to win in a landslide--when the fact is more like Trumpty Dumpty getting buried in a landslide that he's created with is psychoses.
  • True to form, Lyle believes the latest anti-Hillary conspiracy story. So predictable.
  • George H.W. Bush was woefully inarticulate. Dubya was downright comic. Presidents need to be lots of things and good at public speaking is one that's useful but certainly not required. Reagan was ...
  • Not your character Lyle. Your gullibility for any wildass content that attacks anyone with politics that are left of Attila The Hun.
  • Thanks Lyle for instantly proving my point:
  • Wow, talk about timing!!  I no more than post the above and I see that Lyle has weighed in!! You're definitely done. BS it of course is. (I didn't really need Lyle's help but Contra Mundum clearly ...
  • You obviously don't care about facts or you might be able to tell the difference between a fact and a pile of dog poop. Next time you run across something you think is a fact, test it by asking ...
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