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micahmedia: I just repaired my little brothers' Stylus "Tough" 3000. Rear button design/construction was terribly flimsy. The zoom buttons were the worst, and that's what broke. They were held in place by an S-shaped plastic spring a fraction of a millimeter thick. This spring was both a locator and a return spring.

In other words, pictures something that has to swing back and forth like a car suspension. Now picture it supported by one spring and that's all. And it's positioned so that the spring twists back and forth with every press of the button. Fatigue design right in, so it fails like a paper clip bent too many times.

Now, I realize this this is a cheaper model, but still...it could be designed to be more durable with the amount and type of materials. See: goo [dot] gl/5Tefe

Well yesterday the Mode selector dial fell off. I mean, on this picture: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympus-tg2/images/side-by-side.jpg it's the dial with A, MAGIC, C1, C2, etc.

After only two days of use (and not tough testing at all!), I am a bit surprised... Gonna take it to the shop later on to see if this can be fixed.

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On article Olympus TG-2 iHS (106 comments in total)

I got it just before this review was made, and I'm pleased with it!

I think there might have a mistake in the review, though:

"The TG-2 can also record high speed video at 60 or 120 fps, though the resolution drops to 640 x 480 and 320 x 240. When played back at normal speed, everything appears to move in slow motion."

But in the documentation of the camera, it is 120 fps in 640x480, and 240 fps in 320x240.

Although 320x240 is a very small resolution, the effect is really nice, especially with water drops :)

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