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If it matters - and it does to me- another point in favor of the Panasonic G9 is that Panasonic offers a three year warranty with this camera as a permanent "promotion" whereas Olympus offers one year.

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Montana Jim: Plastic - They made it plastic!!! I am an EM5 and EM5 MK II owner. One of the main reasons I loved this camera was build quality. A metal camera can take the knocks, it keeps its finish and feel good in your hands. They took a huge step backwards when they made it a plastic camera. I love their glass, size and FORMER build quality. Plastic moves from from semi pro to amateur status. So deeply disappointed.

"Deeply disappointed"?? Really? Plastics today are not what they were just 10 years ago - far more durable, etc- and as someone who carries a camera almost every waking hour, I for one really appreciate the easier handling and MUCH lighter load. In addition, camera technology moves so fast that I rarely keep a camera body more than three years before moving on to the next iteration. Bottom line: The composition of the body has ZERO impact on IQ and most aren't going to hang-on to the same body for the composition to actually matter in the long run.

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dpkoop: Noone needs this.

This makes sense.

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Joseph K Boston: For that price one could buy a GX9+12-60 3.5-5.6, a far superior package (and I'm a LX100 mk I owner).

Excellent point but one would lose the speed. I own the LX100 and find the F1.7 invaluable when taking pics indoors (in museums, for example) where flash is not allowed.

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Mariano Pacifico: Will somebody tell my what took Lumix 4 years to upgrade LX100 with little upgrades to talk about?


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halc: I have P10plus (with the slightly upgraded lenses, same sensors). My initial takeaways:

- can't get neutral colour easily in auto or HDR mode, regardless of colour/filter mode setting
- JPEG images are clearly over-sharpened (not a huge issue if you scale down 50% and do not post-sharpen after scaling)
- Settings for image ratio change according to shooting mode (auto, hdr, b&w, aperture) -> confusing and annoying, imho
- Cant' set 16:9 in aperture mode (only 4:3)
- way too modal interface : if you are in mode X, you can't use feature A, B, C. If you are in mode Y, you can't use features D, E, F. Takes time to learn all these restrictions (reminds me of Sony Ax000 series cameras with their restrictions and deep menus, although not quite as bad)
- HDR takes a bit longer than on Galaxy series and esp. in low light can cause significant double-exposure blur

Excellent review! In many cases, an owner who laid out $750+ for the phone he/she is evaluating doesn't get too detailed about its faults because his/her ego gets in the way - defined as, "I don't want to look stupid for buying a phone with all of these faults!" Well, you managed to overcome this and in the process, convince me to buy the phone! Thanks SO much! I do feel I understand all of the pros and cons going in!

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Sirandar: Doesn't matter how good you are Google .... No microSD no buy.

It is really that simple. If you sold the 128gb model for a base price maybe. Usually you can't even buy the 128gb models but for Google perhaps.

Agree completely. This (Micro-SD capability) is a minor addition in terms of cost but a MAJOR advantage to one who plans to use his/her Smartphone for taking vacation pics. I just do NOT understand why Google persists in producing smartphones that do not have this feature. When Samsung tried to get cute and omit the SD card option from its 2015-2106 Galaxy 6 series, the entire series tanked. It just does not take much brainpower to figure out that a micro-SD slot is essential as sensor megapixels continue to increase and more and more people use phones as cameras.

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