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harryh: This is so terrible, i hardly believe it. Where is the detail? De background and the road are a big blur. No detail.

I'd be curious to see the actual footage before i judge - not the web compressed version.

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itaibachar: What happens after 100 score? 101?


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Subscriptions are a great business model for developers, terrible for consumers. Great for a company if you get in early enough - eventually everyone thinks they can do subscriptions too. We are entering the time of subscription overload, death by a thousand subscriptions. Also for all that cash Adobe stuff is still so buggy and bloated.

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ybizzle: This camera is $2200 in Canada. That's only $200 less than the full frame Canon 6Dii and Pentax K1. Let that sink in for a second....

Sure But does the 6Dii also come with a f2.4-f4 24-600 equivalent lens for $200 more? Nope. Dont get me wrong, I totally agree it's a very high price, but it's hard to find a FF lens with that kind range for under $2000. They know it, that's how they get away with such a premium price.

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No ND filter again? Pity I was hoping that would be returned.

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Seems to me like Sony are not really interested in the camera phone race, small iterations, I think they keep making phones just to please shareholders so they can say they at least have a pony in the yard.

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Not really the drone i was looking for. Its not really a true update its just a fresh coat of paint on an existing production line for an extra 100$. Clever company, they are very good at squeezing every drop of money out of the supply chain, a bit like apple.

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Light Pilgrim: Where is the Mavic Pro 2?

agreed - not exactly the DJI announcement i was hoping for.

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alcaher: PETA shouldn´t waste time on this case... keep all your energy fighting against all the meat eaters and livestock, thats the huge problem for animals and nature in this world... but a monkey selfie, come on !!

@ZurichPhoto 97%? I think you're a little on the high side there mate.

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I for one welcome our new lizard overlords.

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sony are junk, im surprised.

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JKornPhoto: I'd really like to see low light samples. I shoot at ISO 800 more often than ISO 100, and if these are the best quality images, taken in ideal situations, that doesn't bode well for high ISO.

Will be interesting to see, it can shoot between ISO 100-3200 up to 15 seconds.

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stratplaya: A very interesting read. It came down to hardware and software. For the latter there are plentiful resources here in the States, as well as abroad. But hardware manufacturing, especially electronics based, is almost non-existent here. Most is in China or Taiwan.

But I heard Foxconn is opening a factory in Wisconsin. Perhaps we can get manufacturing going again here.

I get the feeling it's just for show to please Trump- TrumpCon.

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Yake: It is morally equivalent to sampling in music and should be just as illegal without payment. This jerk samples nearly the whole damn photo. The reason photography has been treated differently is that big music corporations used expensive legal power to shape the law to do the right thing. By contrast, individual photographers usually have to fight with modest legal resources. Galleries like Gagosian have fat reservoirs of cash to spend on well-connected attorneys and mumbo-jumbo art experts. Eventually, maybe the law will catch up and correct itself. I expect Richard Prince will pay a confidential cash money settlement to put this away. Otherwise he is likely to LOSE BIG TIME, setting a precedent if it reaches an appellate court. Prince settled with Patrick Cariou, just as Andy Warhol settled out of court for the photo he stole from Patricia Caulfield.

@yake Can you please show me where is says this work is for sale? I think your whole premise is about making money. I hate to break it to you but 99% of art is about exploring ideas, ideas are what creates and shapes society. I would think part of his work is exploring the reaction you are having. Seeing how people like you react to his art. How far can you push something before it’s deemed acceptable. So actually it’s a big success because of this exact discussion.

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If this had RAW it would be interesting, otherwise meh

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bookman100: photoFXlab from Topaz Labs has this capacity and has been around for a few years. You can take any photo online and apply the effect to any of your own photos. It's called InstaTone.

This Deep Photo Style Transfer is something quite different than a standard plun-in filter, The results are far more compelling imho, have a look at the day for night and infrared stuff on the github page. :)

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Works better in the original - the the contrast to the grey squares that is the 'trick'.
The pixels of the jpeg do contain red data but only a trace amount.

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Kenferg1: It was a commercial shoot. It seems that whether you like it or not, whether or not she can be definitely identified, he had an obligation to honor her refusal to sign a release. That is the commercial photographer's legal and ethical duty. This was clearly not a public space exception, since it appears he asked for a release and she refused. If the facts come out otherwise, then bully for the photographer. But if her allegations are upheld, then one or both owe her compensation - not $2 billion - but certainly reasonable damages and compensation.

It will be thrown out - she cant even prove it is her its so vague.

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I get as an indi-developer, subscription appears like a good steady source of income. I think it is a gamble, personally I hate subscriptions. I'll look elsewhere, Surface-Studio for example looks like a far better experience.

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txsizzler: Will this app be coming to the Android system with its superior cameras over iOS?

I take it from your google search you didn't actually have any examples to site (all the links are from 2015). search is like an echo chamber - you believe what you find, because you find what you search for, it reinforces your beliefs. I will not claim the iphone (6) from your examples, is the best phone camera, personally I don't think it is. I do think comparing 2 year old technology is a waste of time at this juncture.

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