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photoMEETING: What I need are useable products, not a promo video.

What we need are useable products, not a TERRIBLE promo video. (There, fixed it for you) ;)

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The 'share to Facebook' feature isn't all that ace though...

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JMHO Snap is garbage. The camera app concept is dead. Most of the 'Stock' camera apps do all that stuff.

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davev8: i don't think 50% market share is very ambitious...not when canon have 48% now

Yes but the words "will go on the offensive..." make shareholders giddy. ;)

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sh10453: That's good progress. The 8-bit JPEG format had shown its age a long time ago (introduced in early 1990s, when digital photography was in its infancy).
The HEIF format supports 16-bit at about 50% the size of JPEG.
HEIC is also known as H.265.

JPEG is like VGA, seems to refuse to die. Glad to see google doing this, hope other manufactures follow.

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While Canon race to the bottom, Sony race to the top. What a strange turn of events.

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WGChsv: The fact that they would make such a significant update with no real competition is surprising. I mean, it’s awesome, and great for drone buyers but at this point DJI is competing with themselves. If it were Canon they would sit on the 1” mavic plans until a significant competitor came to the marketplace.

I would have thought GoPro should have been able to compete, sadly they didn't have a great design. Apple would be one of the only other companies that has the the design chops and cash to go for it. I don't think they ever would though, they are too busy making 10k gold watches for rich guys. It's a hard place to get into now DJI is synonymous with drones.

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On article Verizon follows AT&T, drops Huawei smartphones (35 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: FCC director Ajit Pai was appointed by Obama in 2012 to bar Sprint's purchase of Huawei equipment. Obama chose him for his strong anti-China stance. He and Obama were also the driving force that banned Intel from exporting Xeon processor to China in 2015

Pai is just a meat puppet for US telcos, his appointment as chair was nothing to do with the past government.

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G Sciorio: Happy an American camera company pushes the envelop and stays in business. Hopefully GoPro does too.

Its sad to see GoPro fall, I think its days are numbered if they are shopping around for a buyer. :(

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I can see that DJI is trying to get a drone at every price point, the true Mavic successor will come but i think at a higher price.

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Jefftan: don't know why anyone would want to support communist China govt

even not consider that
it is really better than samsung/apple/google?
not any cheaper

Hauwei won't get a dime from me

Not sure there is anything you can do about it, Pretty much everything has at least some component(s) made in China. Stop buying stuff and make it yourself :)

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santamonica812: The announcement (and this article) forgot to mention if this will shoot RAW.

For serious photographers (and videographers??), this is a critical point. Is it just that we don't have the info yet? Or is it possible that the company itself forgot to give this hugely important detail in the announcement???

Any more info on stills would be great, I assume its at least 20mp?

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I wonder if they have worked out that terrible 'wobble' you get with stabilizers fighting the built in stabilization.

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Dante Birchen: Dear China. Why bother? Enjoy!

Aren't google services blocked in China? ;)

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KodaChrome25: Some marketeer came up with the buzzword 'deep'. Now it has been glommed onto and applied to almost everything marketing is trying to sell. And don't get me started on fake AI claims. Put on your hip boots - it's getting "deep."

Deep Computational learning system with AI assisted machine learning toolset titled 'Project Bottomless pit'

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bartleby000: Agree completely that people need to follow the law, but how long will it be before:

a) this "for law enforcement system and authorized parties" system is available to every government agency and is hacked for illicit use by anyone with an internet connection

b) Aeroscope leads to people getting a summons from the anti-drone local police for breach of peace or some other bogus charge

if you are a Hollywood studio or a police agency you get carte blanche to fLy wherever and wherever you like but if you are a hobbyist the assumption is that we are all out death machines 1,500 ft looking to hurt somebody.

Yep or worse, if it gets cracked, nefarious types could use it to down your drone making it unsafe and you get the blame - It's a farshot but opening it up with a back door, means anyone can walk in.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1623 comments in total)

I agree with that sentiment, it's not just Adobe, so many companies think its great to get people on board a subscription model, it is totally death by a thousand subscriptions.

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On article Google Pixel 2 sample gallery (138 comments in total)

Fairly Impressive for a phone - It's not perfect and maybe the HDRing is a little over the top for my personal taste but impressive nonetheless. I don't understand why the top camera manufacturers with high quality sensors are so resistant to putting decent CPUs into their camera bodies, if they took on computational photography, even with a 1 inch sensors, add some modern software smarts, they could blow everything away/

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2017 at 00:19 UTC as 20th comment

Seems like an ugly little duck, and at least on paper the specs seem lackluster.

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On a photo in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Mark IV Samples Gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)

Thanks for the photos, What are your thoughts on this camera?

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