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I understand why, subscription model on the surface looks like a great way to increase the revenue streams. The only problem is every man and his dog with an app thinks they can also charge for a subscription. We have reached saturation point though and anyone late to the game suffers, its now death by a thousand subscriptions.

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adegroot: 1) This is total cheating, and whether that is good or bad, I'll leave that up to you. Now you can brag about those amazing sunsets you shot...yeah right.. and turns you into a perpetual liar and pretender. May be not so good for your conscience in the long run.
2) How many backgrounds do they have; are we going to have hundreds of photos with the same sunsets? Imagine a Skylum's photo share site.
3) Will the software always get the light and shadows directionally right on the objects in the foreground?
4) I both like this new software possibility and question it at the same time.
5) no need to shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon.....just manipulate afterwards...

@jxh Kind of, there is no true reality, by your argument anyone who uses a fill flash is not showing reality. Even in the film days, film stock is created in ways to enhance the look, let alone how its processed through the chemicals. Digital is a whole different ball game, the coding involved in processing the raw sensor data to a file that you can look at is not reality either, it has a lot to do with the programmers who code the software. Yes many strive to replicate reality, so it's a best guess representation of how light might be seen by the human eye in that moment. Its a philosophical wormhole into where that line is, I appreciate that you have a level of manipulation that you find acceptable. I think its fuzzy where exactly that line is. I've seen people on Instagram dragging logs/rocks/leaves around to make the scene look better, is that acceptable manipulation? I guess we all have a certain level that we find palatable. :)

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Brian P Smith: If you really want to spend $1200 on a tablet with a screen, grab an iPad Pro and Pencil. If you want a larger screen at a more affordable price, grab a Huion. Wacom doesn't have the backing to charge what they do anymore.

@MySimplePhotosToday Well actually you can; there are several apps that offer this and apple is about to launch ios 13 which will include some of these features natively.

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Doesn't Canon use Sony sensors in some of its products? I think that shows how little innovation there is in the camera division. I do think Canon make excellent glass, maybe they should spin off that part of the company and produce lens kits for other mounts.

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I think it's great to have another player bring a different perspective to the FF mirror-less market. More competition means ultimately better products for all. Will be interested to see the full reviews once its out in the wild.

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cricnours: Hi, maybe someone already gave the information, just have a look at what happens when a drone hits a plane.
Here :

I'll just leave this here;

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eidrag: Actually recently I prefer if more large company use crowdfunding platform to sell unique stuff like this because not many people will be interested in this kind of thing after launch hype. This way they can afford to do innovation while regular stuff sales doesn't get affected. Furthermore big company have reputation to deliver item in time and in quality it promised.

I agree, makes more sense to back a brand than a no-name. I have fallen for too many projects that either didn't deliver or delivered underwhelming crap..

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GoPro clones, RC Buggies, where is the Phantom 5?!

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: facepalm emoji :

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McArchive: This will put Apple out of business by mid third quarter!!!

If the ipod had the x camera system and went to 1tb storage, had stereo speakers, might actually be useful, as it is its an odd duck completely out of time. Apple really are loosing touch and floundering, the last 'new' product, the home pod was a total disaster.

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ttran88: In a world of the annual "next best thing" product releases Canon and Nikon falls flat on their faces. Exciting DSLRs are updated every quarter of the decade. Most exciting advancement in dedicated cameras has been MILC and they only got to it this year 5yrs too late.
People especially the younger generation are very much into technology and expect annual advancements in their tech product. Canon and Nikon are still working in their old mechanical camera days. They need to operate like a modern day tech company!

@mick232 But didn't you see? film is coming back, hipsters love the analogue. there is a huge nostalgia push and people are cashing in. In this era, having 'film' in the name is hip.

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Savannah0986: It would be a pity to see the end of the iconic Phantom line. I've been a Phantom pilot since Phantom 2 and they have been truly spectacularly good machines.

[Now I'll hide, awaiting the fanatical anti-drone squad's curious and spurious comments.]

@entoman I think it all comes down to classifying for legal reasons so aviation regulations can impose rules on the airspace and the 'Pilot'.

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I'd like to see some raw samples, quality looks pretty average.

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'Reverse engineering' is a pretty BS term for creating a LUT. But Hey I'm no patent lawyer. Am I missing something here? I get the idea that it would be 'statistically almost impossible for that to happen without rigging.' But inst that what ML is for? Shove a bunch of publicly available images from Instagram through a ML and spit out a LUT.

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Thoughts: People have been asking for a rugged camera with raw format, a bigger sensor and a faster lens.

This camera seems to tick all the box.

No 4k 60 makes this kinda DOA.

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Hipsters Rejoice!

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Looks like they are trying to rebrand Photolemur, Going after a more focused target might make it more appealing to some people.

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(unknown member): The Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition camera is equivalent to a 1/2.55" sensor type phone with f/1.3 (!!!) lens (though without OIS), but dpreview even doesn't mention the f/1.47 lens of the Transparent Edition...

I'm sure there will be grey market ones out there.

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Spectro: first i heard about software damaging a speaker, must be some cheap speaker components. This is more like an apple hardware design issues. Software just send signal. The mobo (motherboard) or the speaker chip is the one that is regulating the amp for the sound signal. If the amp blow out the speakers then the impedance of the speaker didn't match the mobo power.

That's why Apple profits are so good, selling very cheap components for a huge premium.

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ybizzle: The Chinese companies innovate while Apple plays catch up...

@machz Steve Jobs: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”

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