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Karl Huber: Media attention to these events results in escalation of unrest.
I often wonder if there was no media coverage of these events, how many of the protestors would bother.

@Karl Huber
So if a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody present, does it make a sound?

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Melindra: Stay out of politics DPR

@Melindra If you find it Uncomfortable, perhaps you are missing the point. This is not about politics, this is about justice and the lack there of.

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il_alexk: Here is Aurel's case, three patents were infringed. According to the document in the link below Aurelcs position is that:

1. Nobody is not allowed to make a drone with sensors and CPUs that uses these sensors to control the flight and make necessary corrections.

2. Nobody is allowed to make drones with blades that can be only attached in the correct way.

3. Nobody is allowed to make drones with a battery compartments that can be opened with a press of a button.

US patent system at its best.

But patents foster innovation and help consumers.... not

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On article Canon shows off new concept cameras at CES 2020 (174 comments in total)
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mattd007: I wish they would spend more time on ACTUAL products that people use. How about some new lenses?

There’s R&D, then there’s blowing money of frivolous activities. I get there is a need to push technology forward, most of the stuff on show here is not really going push the medium, canon has squarely plonked down its butt in the ‘pro’ camp, I don’t really think any of that is pro. If they are aiming for consumer market pretty hard to beat a path over the smartphone era. clasping at straws perhaps.

Link | Posted on Jan 13, 2020 at 07:11 UTC
On article Canon shows off new concept cameras at CES 2020 (174 comments in total)

I wish they would spend more time on ACTUAL products that people use. How about some new lenses?

Link | Posted on Jan 12, 2020 at 22:59 UTC as 29th comment | 7 replies

I'm still processing that video - sudo -80's & 90 mashup all gone wrong.
The do-it-all approach reminds me of some of the Nokia missteps that inevitably led to its downfall.

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dtibi: Well looks like regular cameras use rock and wood to process images. This is so advanced specwise compared to current camera processors.

Yes I'm surprised camera manufactures still insist they can make 'good' CPUs.

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On article FCC filing reveals forthcoming Autel EVO 2 drone (31 comments in total)

Good to see real competition, easy to see how this happened, DJI has branched off into 'gopro' clones toys and other consumer products. That plus the big internal scandal that slowed down the drone arm- Skydio and Autel have stayed laser focused. I expect DJI to come back with a punch.

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Branko Mitic: How do you know lens is inside if they didn't leave the parcel?

um says right there " Riegler reports that an actual FedEx employee, not a contractor, delivered the package the next day and that the lens appeared to be unharmed upon inspection. "

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desertsp: When will there be desktop software to do this for a set of RAW stills taken by a normal camera? One click....I know it can be done manually!

Yes seems computational photography leaps ahead every year, but Adobe add a new icon and call it a day. Adobe having their hands firmly planted in peoples wallets means they don't have any real incentive to actually progress the medium.

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Looks so chunky, not really lightweight. Also that voice is defiantly not coming from that man, terrible editing, so out of sync.

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So once the helicopter got out of the way, the work could actually begin! I hope in the future search and rescue look to drones as cheaper and faster alternatives for this kind of work.

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PhotoFactor: This is BS; the FAA regulates US airspace. We should not chop that up.

Yes, it could have unforeseen consequences like commercial passenger flights cant fly over/in Utah. Another case of politicians making laws about things of which they have zero knowledge.

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Maybe, maybe they are just lazy. The promise of 'constant' updates for CC, part of their argument for moving to a subscription to help users with more updates - not at all to maximize profits, has never yielded much fruit. We are lucky to get yearly updates.

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captivatingphotography: It's a pity Adobe spend so much time and effort creating nonsense like this, rather than fix the real issues affecting Lightroom and other applications!

@M Lammerse : Lightroom does not function on the latest Mac OS. I'd call that a desperate need of a fix. Its not like they had time to fix it because the OS was in development for a year or anything...

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tsk1979: Wow.. 245g. This is truly a game changer. Even the Spark exceeds 250g, which means in most countries you have to contend with registration etc.

245g means no registration, and far fewer restrictions.

until 5 mins later they change the law...

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Schrodingers_cat: "Anduril is already working on larger, faster versions of the Anvil that will target ...... and even cruise missiles". This is just plain silly.

and probably unrealistic - I very doubt it could match the speed, but claiming such is a great way to grab some military funding though.

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Brutal, love to see it against the skydo 2's obstacle avoidance system/

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Imager of: And illegal to fly in most countries. You are supposed to be in control of your drone at all times.

As the actual 'flight controller chip' is the one in control on multi-rotor devices, As it is there is a huge amount of automation happening on device already. The laws are out of line with current developments.

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whakapu: Never mind the camera features. The most attractive thing about this phone is that it's Google-free.


China isn't 1% of the population, more like 20% of the Global population.

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