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Well not sure about a comparison with a DSLR but the iphone X sure has great pictures when compared to a point and shoot.

Got mine yesterday and it beats all the other smartphones and a few P&S we have in the family. So should be good for most casual and semi-formal occasions.

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Finally a review is posted:-


Was looking for one before making the call.

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Leica new advertisement

Our Leica customers always get an exclusive "one of a kind" camera. Why would you want the same image as everyone else ?

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My exact thoughts, was going to post a comment stating that but thought of not offending any Fuji fans.

BTW I am one considering the xt-1 or the X100S.

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Wait for the Panasonic at a considerably lower price without the red dot

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Completely agreed with the conclusions.

XZ-2 is an amazing camera with excellent images. I have the XZ-1, now if only olympus would tweak their JPEG engine a bit for the XZ-1, not sure if this can be done by a firmware update.

The lens same for XZ-1 and XZ-2 is amazing all the way from the center to the corners. None of the others can match this.

When in doubt pull up the image comparison tool and see for yourself.

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