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JJack: Sigma mount is supposed to be more-or-less compatible with Pentax K-mount, right?

So will this lens work with K-5 and K30?

The same question about 120-300mm F2.8 as well.

I had a SD14 with the 18-50mm f2.8 and I found that K mount lenses could be fitted to the Sigma body, but they are slightly loose (I secured my modified 50mm with bluetack!), and Sigma mount lenses will not mount on K mount bodies as the tabs on the Sigma Bayonet are slightly thicker that the K mount tabs.

Anyway's if you're gonna buy SA mount glass you might as well put it on an SD1 ;)

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Roger: How about a digital back for all the old film cameras. So you don't have to buy, buy, buy, a new camera every year or two? You know where you buy a digital back for your film camera, maybe even two, three, or four with different sensors. No new cameras just a back Leica did it they just charged to much. Your good old film camera and lenses with a new back. All of my old film were able to change screens, prisms, and backs.

Something to think about.

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