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Retired from the printing industry, I am enjoying a second career as a photographer.


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caver101: I rather like the Olympus shown; seems nice to look at that the current crop of 'faux pentaprism' designs ...

I still have my E300 and it made some pretty good photos for an 8MP sideways mirror camera. I always thought that the Porro mirror design was pretty inventive. However, it did not look like a typical DSLR so people were not willing to give it a try.

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One of the great things about landscape and wildlife photography is that it is mostly a solitary experience. Here on the north coast of California among the Redwoods, I am enjoying the beauty of nature far from the madding crowd.
Keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy!

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As an old film shooter, I appreciate the beautiful soft dynamic range of film. I love the fact that she was able to capture the light so well. Natural light is great for portrait work. Kudos to her sister for being such a great model.

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I really love the updates from Olympus! I shot a painting for an artist client using the high resolution feature and he was amazed at the quality of the image. Now he wants to buy an Olympus camera. I’m happy for him, but I may lose his business! Thanks Olympus for making such a great camera.

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I have been using Luminar since last fall and the AI feature does a good job enhancing my images. The change is subtle, but that's okay. I just like the way it makes the image pop. I've also been using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Goodbye monthly subscription fees. The software resides on my computer and I have already had free updates.

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GodSpeaks: This is a sad day. Shutterbug is (was) the only print magazine I currently read. I am a long time reader, since the '80s. I thought something was up as availability of the magazine this year suddenly became scarce.

RIP Shutterbug. You will be missed.

PS: What am I supposed to do for throne time now?

Outdoor Photographer has always been a great magazine. It has lots of interesting articles and great photographs.

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At one time I subscribed to four photography magazines. Shutterbug and Outdoor Photographer are the only ones I get now. Goodbye Shutterbug. I hope that Outdoor Photographer will continue to have a print copy or I won't have any to read. I just like to hold the magazine in my hands when I read it.

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I am really liking the upgrade in Luminar 2018. I switched from Photoshop and Lightroom last year because I do not like being forced to pay a monthly fee for my software. I now use Luminar and Affinity Photo. They're on my computer and can use them even if the internet goes down.

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I have been using Affinity Photo on my Windows 7, Pro 64 bit for a few months now and have not had any problems. It is a little slower at opening my Olympus ORF raw files than Lightroom 6, but not that much. I like the new update. I am starting to use Affinity as much as I use Photoshop and Lightroom. It seems to do everything I need to do with my files. I am looking forward to trying their publishing program when I is released.

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springsnow: There are plenty of alternatives for Photoshop out there, but can somebody suggest an alternative to Lightroom?

I have been using Afinity Photo for a few months and find it works great.

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I bought LR when it was first introduced and am currently using LR6 along with PS5. I don’t use the software enough to pay a monthly rental fee. I’m done with Adobe. I recently discovered a powerful stand alone program called Afinity Photo that works well for me. It does everything I need. It comes from England, but I don’t mind the fact that they spell color with a “u.” Oh yeah, I bought it on sale for $40. Did Adobe think no one would come along with an alternative?

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My first true DSLR camera was an Olympus EVOLT 300. The great little camera with the sideways mirror. I researched many different cameras on DP Review before buying Olympus. I was impressed with their innovative engineering. I moved up to my E3 a couple of years after it was introduced and still love the quality images I can make. I now have five Zuiko lenses, although I mostly use my 12-60mm f/2.8. I still like the OVF and am having a hard time changing over to m4/3 with its EVF. At 75 years old, I don't know how many more cameras I will need. Lol! I will need to decide what to do about buying a new camera this year.

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My Olympus C5050Z was my first serious digital camera. The 5 MP sensor was pretty impressive. My wife did not like the skin tones it produced and after some discussion and a lot of research, I purchased an Olympus E-300. I appreciated the innovation that Olympus put into their cameras and after a couple of years moved up to my E3. The old C5050Z had great macro ability and a very sharp lens. My wife used it for a while, but her iPhone is now her camera of choice.

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