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Impressive. Let's make it even better by making the sensor out of Graphine which is said to allow current sensor design to be 1000x more sensitive.

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On article Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release (304 comments in total)

I'll be dissapointed if it's 1.6x or 1.5x crop. Hopefully it's either full frame or 1.33x crop like the M8... So maybe an M8.3 kind of camera but in the size and form factor of a digital Leica CL, this would be pretty awesome. I don't think Live View only makes sense though because there are no autofocus lenses. It would still need the rangefinder in my opinion. If Leica wants to make new auto focus M lenses that could be interesting but I don't see that happening either.

I'm willing to bet it will cost $5,000 no matter what it is if it's made in Germany and a real Leica. Maybe they will surprise us and make it closer to $4,000.

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capanikon: I think a poster on Slashdot summed it up best: "Look it's Malibu Stacy, but she's got a new hat."

Ironic they will be the ones left behind with antiquated Windows PCs while the rest of us move forward onto something new.

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (210 comments in total)

At first I was a little "sheepish", but now I'm convinced it's a "baaaaaaaaadass" camera!

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jmmgarza: Nice photos horrid music.

I thought the music was excellent. It sounds sci-fi futuristic and is very appropriate for the video. Maybe next time they can play big band music just for you.

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I'm curious to see how this compares to RED's cameras.

Also note that Engadget says the 3 new primes will work on our still cameras... Assuming that wasn't an error. The new 50mm 1.3L this could be the 50mm that everyone has been begging for.

Engadget " 7:41PM There's three EF prime lenses as well, 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm models. They also work well with EOS still image cameras as well. "

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On article Lytro camera overview and discussion with CEO Ren Ng (101 comments in total)
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P Hartung: Please. It’s a novelty for a few Mac users, at best. The vagueness of ’11 megarays, 8x optics, etc.’ is laughable. If these specs were photographically significant then they would have been made clear in terms that photographers understand (corresponding to the 35mm standard).

And what segment of the market is this aimed at – the P/S users who know little more than how to click the shutter release? Those who don’t fathom spending more than $200.00 per throw-away camera?

Lytro has not realistically positioned/equipped this thing to snag a coherent portion of the market, and it certainly isn’t going to carve out an untapped segment.

The technology itself is intriguing, but this first application of it seems like a total blunder. Too bad.

Why is it a novelty for Mac users and not Windows users?

If your arguement is that Macs are toys then you've already lost. That argument is tired and just plain wrong. More professionals use Macs for video editing and photography than ever before. So if your saying the Lytro isn't for serious photography (which is true at the point in time) then if anything, it would be a novelty for Windows users, many of which are made up of people who don't want to spend over $400 on a computer.

In defense of the Lytro, you have to start somewhere... This isn't Canon, Nikon, or Sony releasing a new product. We are talking about a newer company with limited funds. If it catches on they we could see more advanced cameras in the future. Having a variety of cameras is not a bad thing, and at least they are trying something different.

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Good thing I have most of my photos backed up. However, I probably had deleted just as many thinking they were impossible to recover anything from.

Imagine what we can do with blurry film photos...

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Hopefully this will work just as well on a very subtle amounts of blur. I would love to go through many of my old raw photos and apply this plugin even if it was just to get rid of the smallest possible blur that might be there.

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