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entoman: Well I'm not an early adopter anyway, so I'm quite happy to wait until the end of the year. Plenty of time to read all the reviews, check all the studio comparison tests, see lots of videos, and get feedback from the early adopters.

It'll also give Canon a bit of time to sort out whatever bugs get notified, and put out new firmware. Sadly it's unlikely that they'll be able to fix the video overheating issues, but I don't care personally, as I don't shoot video (perhaps it might even convince people that hybrid still/video cameras are the wrong pathway).

Also any delay by Canon gives Sony a chance to catch up with better ergonomics, and gives Panasonic a chance to get rid of DFD and switch to phase-detect on their next model. Nikon? Well who knows, we might be in for a surprise.

Unless Canon prepare thermal interface like some heatpipes already sticking out to be paired with optional 'cooler grip' or entire heatsink is protruding to outside without body cover, I don't think there's effective hard user-replaceable solution to thermal problem. At best you can strap fans to cool the outer body but it's only help a little.

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TSYYeung: overnight, battery life has become the single most important spec for a camera, according to Sony fans

To be fair when mirrorless started, Canikon fanbois always talk about battery life (and amount of lenses too).

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Unrealistic expectation: make it affordable.

If R5 is really really good all around without catch and decently expensive it'll start tech war and it'll make high end camera further up market and stupidly getting more expensive. The tech would be trickle down at very slow rate to entry level as there's big gap in price and they can fill it with half-ass and still pricey body.

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zephyrion974: Maybe Sony will go for another name like "a8" or something like that.
To call it "a7S III" won't respect the S of "sensitivity" if it stands against the Canon EOS R5 and I hope they won't rename the S with "supreme" like he said.
Btw I never understood why there isn't a 8 in their Alpha nomenclature : I thought about a 8 for the video centric and a 6 for the "entry-level" full frame body for instance.

4 yes, but 8 isn't much (maybe just southern India thing). 8 is actually the luckiest number in chinese culture.

There's many global product with 8 number so I don't think it deters sales globally. iPhone 8, AMD A8, Audi S8, Canon 800D, Xperia 8, Snapdragon 800, GeForce 8800, samsung nu8000 etc. They're certainly don't afraid of using 8.

The only reason companies tend to omit 8 because they prefer to use 9 instead because it feels like 'almost perfect' and it's great for top end offering (ex: Sony A7 and A9). If the number doesn't represent generational or sequential order, 8 sounds like half ass between middle end and top end so it's a bit awkward.

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