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Funkyd3121: OK, here is my complaint - anything over 1,000 images one has to pay $49.95. But -why are some people having say 12,000 images on their site pay the same amount as one who has say only 2,000 images?? I keep getting reminders that my account is about to be blocked & I have 991 photos & have yet to get near 1,000. Really getting tired of having to delete photos, & I Still have to log on with my Yahoo e-mail addy & password.

Some business plans are priced as a la carte and others are all you can eat. One person may watch 10 movies on Netflix a week whereas another user watches only 1. One user may listen to 100 songs on Spotify and another only 10. One user may read 5 articles in the NY Times and another 500. Flickr has put the trial/freebie plan at 1,000 photos. It's their marketing plan and it's in line with most subscription based internet services.

This is a simpler subscription than having 15 different prices for 15 different types/amounts of use. Of course if you do not find value in their pricing you do not have to pay.

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Disclosure: I have friends who work at Flickr and SmugMug.

I'm more active than 99.9% of the people on Flickr. So here's the thing with the help forum. For the past 12 years or so at just about any point in time you will find a screenshot that pretty much looks exactly like the one in your article. Tons of people complaining about tons of things. Quite frankly sometimes I wonder why Flickr just does't shut the whole help forum down. It's pretty toxic/terrible.

I have used the site every day since the migration -- including uploading hundreds of photos daily and many, many hours of browsing. By and large it is working very well post migration. Sure there have been some isolated issues here and there. Sure a few parts of the site like camera roll/collection mosaics (who really cares?) are not fully functional yet, but 99% of the site is working just fine and totally usable.

People love to complain. They love to feel like victims. I would not read too much into this.

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