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  • I'm not sure what you are complaining about. If LR shows clipped areas when the sliders are all in their zero positions, that indicates that your shot was either overexposed or very close to being ...
  • As in photography generally, having a good image to start with is usually more important than the processing.
  • I am not certain, but I think Dropbox may offer the facility you want.
  • That was very common with film cameras.  The film in the cassette wasn't tightly wound on the spool, so the rewind knob doesn't start to rotate until a few shots have been taken.  It's generally ...
  • Yes, infinity + any finite number = infinity is a basic property of infinity.
  • It is going to depend a lot on the software you are using to convert to b&w.  As others have said already, there are a very large number of ways to get the tone curve you want.
  • I agree entirely, Jim, but it seems that there are a lot of people who do not and who are very unwilling to change their minds.
  • Try telling that to the people who say that focussing at infinity does not produce infinite DoF. For example, in this post which has 30 likes!  :-O
  • Created discussion thread Infinite depth of field
    I was rather taken aback to see that probably a majority of voters in another thread think that "the depth of field is infinite" means that everything is in sharp focus. As far as I can see this ...
  • You are remarkably persistent in making statements that are completely untrue. Infinite depth of field does not mean that everything is in focus.
  • Of course it has practical value. Typically it is assumed that the DoF is about equally split around the point of focus.  Clearly, it is better to know the exact near limit and far limit, but if ...
  • It is the way DoF is defined in all the reputable sources that I am aware of.  In fact, you yourself have several times said that DoF is the distance between the near limit of what's acceptably ...
  • No, certainly not!!! The difference between 2 and 5 is 3. It is not the range (2, 5).  That is an entirely different mathematical concept. The same argument applies whether 2 and 5 are pure numbers ...
  • In fact, the depth of field is conventionally defined as the distance between the near limit (24.6ft) and the far limit (infinity), which is infinity (as shown under "Total" in the screenshot). As ...
  • If the focus is set anywhere beyond the hyperfocal distance, then the depth of field is infinite.  Have a look at any DoF calculator.  This is a screenshot from
  • Thank you. That is a more honest reply than we are used to seeing on dpreview Open Talk.  This thread is in danger of degenerating into all sweetness and light!  ;-)
  • I agree completely. (It is not possible to put every detail into an argument  when giving quick replies.)  ;-)
  • Why do you claim to disagree with me? Nothing you have said in the rest of your post contradicts what I said.  It simply elaborates on some points that I did not.
  • You can have more than infinity: infinity + x = infinity is one of the basic properties of infinity, just as: zero + x = x is one of the basic properties of zero. The distance from any point to ...
  • Yes, quite often. If I am sending an image to someone who I think will be viewing it on a small screen (e.g. phone) then I will often crop more tightly. If I am making an image to have as the ...
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