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Strange comment that the TZ100 is lighter than other premium compacts when in fact at 11 oz it is the same weight as the RX100 costing $999???

Specs say TZ100 body is metal and composite.

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On article Video preview of the Canon Powershot G7 X (68 comments in total)

I was wondering how the Canon G7X could suddenly shoot to the very top of the popularity list ie was at 97% for a number of days. Simple grade school math shows that DPRs totals for most popular camera do not add up to 100% overall so something is seriously wrong with DPRs measure of "popularity"

I believe that DPR measures their popularity by how many page hits there have been to review or preview articles in the last 5 days. In this case they apparently based it on the number of video photos displayed ie 30 pictures per second to come up with these astronomical figures.

Make no mistake the G7X is a very popular new addition but it ranked nowhere near this high when initially introduced and previewed?

Come on DPR isn't it time you came up with a more accurate measure for your popularity listing?

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On article Just Posted: Detailed hands-on Olympus PEN E-P5 preview (315 comments in total)

Admin - Do the ' ' brackets around '5 axis' ibis mean electronic image stabilization as is the case with '100 ISO'? Or is this 2 axis IBIS with 3 axis added by electronic simulation??

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The biggest winner in gaining momentum in sales based on the above article is the 10X+ superzooms. This should not be very surprising considering the small travel ones go from 24mm wide angle even up to 450mm tele all in one convenient camera which can fit in any pocket. Add to that the improvements made in backlit sensors and now fast high speed performance and special modes like auto combining pictures for panorama landscapes or best exposure. Many see the small superzoom and small DSLR or MILC camera as an ideal match.

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On article Just Posted: Samsung NX200 hands-on preview (130 comments in total)


Seems very strange that the NX200 was not even shown on the most frequently viewed list until today at 1.9% some 12 days after its preview by DPR? Most cameras previewed appear at the top of the most viewed list by the second or before the 5th day of introduction almost without exception and based on the current ranking the NX200 must have been close to the top of the list earlier but DPR didn't want you to know? Appears that Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus have more friends in high places at DPR?

My take is DPR for some reason or another chose to leave Samsung's NX200 out of the rankings until now. How unfair and I am not a Samsung fan but rather a m4/3 fan.

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