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You mastered showing years of a happy, active life. Nice timing.

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On photo promenade in the - Canon vs Nikon - (Landscape Challenge in Full Colours) challenge (2 comments in total)

Really love this photo. Great place to be in that peaceful state of mind.

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On article Corel releases Service Pack 2 for PaintShop Pro X4 (28 comments in total)

Not sure I need the update. X4 runs very smooth on my W7-64 and was pleased, as the PSP3 crashed alot. I have always loved PSP to compliment my Lightroom, having used PSP for years in my past ]. It seems they both make a nice pair for solving every problem on earth. What Lightroom doesn't have PSP4 does. Lightroom gives me a few more options in the yellow range of color, which I am happy to have, using Canon cameras. But I love the tools in PSP.

Hector, I don't have the optimizer problem, but I use Save As and choose my jpeg compression from there under Options. [1 for prints, and 4 for emai/onlinel photos]

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)
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andersf: Looks awesome. What I don't understand is why they decided on a 4:3 sensor? 3:2 or even 16:9 would have made more sense.

a 20mm-100mm might be more desireable, but other than that, yes it would be a nice body to have. I expect canon decided most would want both the s100 and this. One for the pocket. One for everything else. This boils down to ISO ability for me.

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On article An In-depth Discussion of M + Auto-ISO for Canon SLRs (39 comments in total)

My observation of those who use auto ISO in the field of wildlife and BIFs is they end up with alot fo PP to do and also their photos are not as sharp as mine. I think if you need to force shutterspeed then be prepared to deal with noise in auto ISO, and on a cropped photo that is even harder to PP. The camera does not compensate as I would like it to.

What did people do before auto ISO? They controlled all the options, and certainly turned out beautiful work. Auto ISO to me [and I have the wonderful ISO master MKIV] is using uneeded, uncontrolled ISO, and if I do use auto ISO I limit it to ISO1000.

I've seen perfectly good light photos ruined by auto ISO, so you really have to know what you are doing. Don't expect perfect clarity if you decide on auto ISO. There are other options that are more effective for wildlife/odd light situations/need of focus speed.

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On article Canon announces seven EF Cinema lenses (68 comments in total)

Well, there are how many pro cinematographers that will buy these, vs. Millions who would love to purchase some revised, new dslr lenses?

Canon has been very busy! More power to them, i wish them the best.
And i hope they also listen to their loyal bread and butter customers.

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On article Video Interview: Vincent Laforet (50 comments in total)
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tonywong: Odd camera angle for an interview. Didn't seem very flattering imo. Mr. Laforet doesn't look 36 to me, maybe it's the natural highlights in his hair.

Interesting interview though.

Agree with stefan, good impromptu interview. Vincent seems like the kind of guy who jumped in with both feet, before the masses did. Smart man. Being ahead of the game is what got him where he is, and he still stands by that. Now iD like to read his book, it sounds enlightening.
Good job, DP!

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happypoppeye: Its an "L"...

I would like to see their quality efforts put into their longer lenses instead.

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On article The story of a picture - Sydney Harbour Bridge (29 comments in total)

Incredible photo!

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