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Canadian Eagle: Eight months with the OM-D and I still revel in the ease of use, the terrific 5-way stabilization – and the great low-light rendition. Eleven days of shooting all over Cuba gave me, and the OM-D, a workout. It's not a big luggable beast –- not that size really matters – only to sore shoulders. It was just fun to shoot with such a sturdy, but light weight machine. The viewfinder is so very sharp. I've even put some old half-frame Pen-F lenses on it and used it in aperture mode. God, I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial. It's not. It IS a fan letter to the folks at Olympus who have put together a GEM of a camera! Bravo for a deserving win!!!

The 5-Axis IBIS is quite good on both video and still shooting, as you can see in my video test here,

I've used Canon lens with IS (my friend's camera). I find the canon and E-M5 IS are both good on still shooting but E-M5 is much better on video shooting.

On dynamic range, I quite believe that it has one of the widest dynamic range for crop-sensor camera.

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JackM: The Oly lens lineup for the OMD is sorely lacking. The classic reportage fast primes are missing. Where are the FF equivalents for 35mm and 50mm at f2 or faster? I don't see them? And f2.8 is not really fast, not on FF, and especially not on m4/3. Therefore, I'm not interested, and I can't see how this system can win any such contest.

The Fuji X series arrives with a bigger sensor and a 53mm f2 equivalent lens, and a 35mm f2 equivalent on the way. I will take this system over the OMD every time.

M.Zuiko 17 mm f1.8, Panasonic 25 mm f1.4, Voigtlander Nokton 25 mm f0.95 aren't they fast enought?

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It's great. I doubt when the NEX full frame will come.

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flipmac: Interesting that quite a few here dismises the E-M5 base on...
1. sensor size - smaller than APS-C but IQ is actually on par
2. price - $1000 is not cheap but you get a lot of features, some can't be had from other brands

Also, it's funny seing comparison with cameras like the NEX-5N and D3200, which don't even have similar feature set, let alone target market. More logical competition are advanced cameras like the NEX-7, K-5, D7000, 7D, GH2 and X-Pro1, all of which had higher MSRPs.

When looking at cameras, consider lenses too - this is where the m4/3 system is better than other mirrorless. Not only are there more lenses, they are generally smaller and better optically. Actually, Olympus/Panasonic makes more F2.8 (or brighter) m4/3 lenses than Nikon or Canon makes specifically for their APS-C DSLRs - 4 Nikon DX and 2 Canon EF-F. To fill the gaps, you need to buy bigger and more expensive FX/EF lenses, e.g. 35/1.4 to get a fairly bright normal.

Anyway, hopefully I get an E-M5 soon.

You've got to go to Menu --> Advanced shooting option (Camera pic2) --> Bracketing and voila! You can choose AE, WB, Flash, ISO, and art filter. After that you have to use continuous shooting. It's quite a bit complicated comparing with other camera.

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