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thejohnnerparty: A quick read on software companies - Lazy, greedy management with one goal: get it out there quick, never mind the problems. When people discover problems - let customer support deal with it. Done. Move on.

PS CS5 came out in Sept, 2010. So, either it is too old to support or Adobe doesn't consider the problem to be critical. Imagine the uproar if MS decided to not support Windows 7, which was released to manufacturing in July, 2009. Win8 is due for release this summer, so by your reasoning MS should not be obilgated to fix problems. With Adobe and other firms cranking out releases every 18 months, they just get the initial bugs resolved then release an upgrade. Why purchase a support contract for software that has many bugs? Are users now nothing more than beta testers?

Adobe wants to force upgrades or a move to cloud to help their cash flow. Not supporting a product that is less than 2 years old and suggesting a critical fix could be resolved by upgrading is really poor customer service. What about the user who purchased CS5x 6 months ago? Something is terribly wrong with this company.

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