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  • You can buy a really really sweet, perfectly running, mostly stock (classic) 1982 or so Harley Sportster for HALF the cost of one of these Nikons or Canon full frames (that will be ho hum in a year...

  • my mental photos were always a bit soft. don't know what was wrong.

  • a hundred years ago people shot their loved ones with kodak folding cameras. Many of the prints are still beautiful today. I think what we have today is Exactly gear lust, as you put it. ...

  • why on earth would you want to own over 200 cameras??
    I'd like to understand this desire to just have many things. how does having 200 cameras Make up for Lost time, simply because at at early age...

  • Commented on article Trends to watch at NAB 2017

    I don't even want to Read about anything that has anything to do with that godawful
    disgrace called Las Vegas!

  • I find it hard to believe that there is an article here showing camera club pictures listing good places to take more of same in CUBA. Is this readership really That lame?
    Someone sure thinks we...

  • how many ws is a nikon sb800...900?

  • I'm waiting for Fuji to listen to us and finally make an 8x10 size sensor! They're just not listening!!

  • do you all realize that you could buy an awesome, like new Sportster, for $3500, a great xt2 with lenses and have plenty of money left to ride across the country (of your choice) photographing!? ...

  • of course. I doubt that they have the budget to hire an actual great photographer to spend a day or a half day, shooting for this.

  • if you just happen to be someone who uses a 50 mm lens. I could name a long list of better lenses, for me.

  • To me it does a good job of showing that if you can afford a ticket to Burma, a real long Telephoto lens, and don't realize when you went a bit too far with Photoshop, and get your inspiration from...

  • oh yeah... we all know how well photographs have made the world a better, calmer place. Seeing this shot of this guy with a gun in his hand says nothing. Does nothing.
    Especially compared to the...

  • if enough people Do ditch the big fat nikon and Canon stuff for little great stuff like fuji, olympus, etc. the sooner nikon, canon will give us better cameras. And the more fuji, etc. will make...

  • True..... but imagine if everyone realized this? No endless reviews of every damn plastic camera made in china coming out this week! No more commenting back and forth about whether or not Leica...

  • Do you have this lens with fuji body in addition to your Olympus you mention?
    What I am trying to understand is.... are people here talking about sharpness of this lens because of their experience...

  • do you feel that you need the ff because you need to make huge prints?
    Is it because you cannot get the lower dof that the larger sensor gives? Do you just like the frame dimensions of a ff? ...

  • are you saying that the 1.4 is better to shoot, as you say, Portraits,
    close.... at f/2 ?

  • this fashionable trend is only fashionable to the people doing it. It's nice and comfy sitting in their barcalounger writing pithy snide comments rather than being out in the world trying to make ...

  • Shigzeo..... Time to migrate?? Maybe you haven't been watching our new
    superduper president to be. He'll meet you at baggage claim, call you some degrading name (and say something nasty about...

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