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Hi! I purchased, at discounted price from a reputable www store, a brand new RX 100 first model, when the RX100 III was already out on the market. I LOVE it while it was still under warranty & worked smoothly :) But after a year & some days, the lens refused to come out all the way :( I never bully my beloved Sony RX 100 & send it for repair. Sony asked me 300€ to repair a camera I paid 350€ OR 50€ just to return it as is ! They can keep it along with their RX 100 model 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. It's sad for I found, too late, a YouTube where they explain how to repair it Goodbye Sony FOREVER !!!

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DigitalPatriot: Not sure why the EOS M or even M3 is not included as a good example of good combination of shooting experience and image quality. Even according to DP review's own lab tool at comp sizes, the M3 blows the X100t out of the water in sharpness. Its own 35mm f2 lens is sharp wide open out to the corners. very... sharp. Don't get me wrong I like the x100t. I'm reading this review but I want one and may buy one. But I think the M3 should be up there with competitors. It's probably not as snappy as a focuser as most, but it gets the job done just fine. I use it a lot for street photos. Both the original M and the M3.

I'm in the market for a mirror-less camera WITH a viewfinder either four-third or APS... I'm not even giving a glance at cameras without viewfinder either optical or digital. I'd like comparisons against similar cameras such as the Fujifilm X-E2S or the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 :) one can get a APS Fuji X-E2S for $999 WITH a lens or a Micro Four Thirds Panasonic GX8 without a lens... Comments ???

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METROMODEPHOTO: First of all it's a Leica SLR and not canon or Nikon. Leica is a minimalist company and not like Japanese manufacturers who fill their cameras with tons of bells and wistles. Being that said the design is topical Leica style, believe me if one was given to you I'm sure no one would hesitate to have one. I like its classic design and its tipicsl theme and Leica style design. My real concern is, would it really take better picture than a Nikon D810 or a canon 5ds which I'm in the market for".

It's written "Made in Germany" below (Last picture #8) :) Maybe the battery comes from china ?

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It's a nice exercise in BAD "design", design meaning a graceful meeting point between form & function. Here, I only see a nice sculpture around a dumb program ! I would own one only if I had money to waste & an empty showcase on one of my living room wall :( Remember that you can now purchase a NEX 7 for $498 in a famous NY/NY store :)

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