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In-camera panorama R1003877Full 600mm equiv zoom R1003893 Great Sand Dunes Ntnl Pk24mm equiv R1003869 Great Sand Dunes Ntnl PkClose-up of the two-level open-top CabriO car P1030702 StanserhornThe ride is bumpier when cars pass below the wheels P1010062 Fronalpstock chair liftAs with most funiculars, there are no moving points in the crossover P1180440 Mont Pèlerin funicularBoth cars move back on to the single track sections P1180333 Mont Pèlerin funicularDSC09123 Big Boy in DenverDSC09135 Big Boy in DenverTelephoto (600mm equiv) view of Dubrovnik tower, viewed from Napoleon's Srdj Imperial Fort DSC07223Magellanic penguins at home in tussock grass, Falkland Islands  DSC05902Young Fur seal Cuverville Island DSC00969DSC08943 HMS TrincomaleeDSC08932 Angel of the NorthDSC05020 CragsideDSC08949  HMS Trincomalee_2Dragon Ride cable car approaches upper station P1010515 Mount PilatusDragon Ride cable car pictures over Lake Lucerne P1020332 Mount PilatusThe railcar can hold up to 40 people P1020303 Mount PilatusThe revolving Rotair cars cross P1030078 Mount TitlisTitlis Ice Flyer chair lift at 10,000, over the glacier P1030261Ice Flyer over the glacier P1030240 Mount TitlisQueen Elizabeth II Bridge (1991), the only Thames bridge east of Tower Bridge DSC06748 Boat, Greenwich-PurfleetDubrovnik city wall corner tower, viewed from Napoleon's Srdj Imperial Fort (200mm equiv view) DSC07221Ascending cable car DSC07305 DubrovnikFree drinking water fluntain DSC07325 DubrovnikPath down to the sea through the walls DSC07514 Dubrovnik boat rideNapoleon's Imperial Fort looms over th old city DSC07554 Dubrovnik boat rideBoat rides from the old port DSC07507 Dubrovnik boat rideThe main street, Stradun DSC08882 Dubrovnik wall walkLooking down on one of the narrow cross streets DSC07402 Dubrovnik wall walkClimbing up to the wall walk DSC07403 Dubrovnik wall walkFranciscan Monastery church DSC07472 DubrovnikRestored Grand Imperial Hotel,bombed in the 1991 Homeland War DSC07207 DubrovnikSteep stairs up to the wall walk DSC07323 DubrovnikWide-angle view of the peaceful Franciscan Monastery cloister DSC08887 DubrovnikThe main street, Stradun DSC08882 Dubrovnik wall walkThe houses near the walls have secluded gardens, overlooked only by thousands of tourists walking the walls DSC07376 Dubrovnik wall walkDubrovnik wall walk DSC07348Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979, Dubrovnik was heavily shelled in 1991-2 in the Independence War DSC07321 Dubrovnik war damageGörlitz apartment blocks DSC07303Deception Island, shore party visits ruins of old whaling stationDSC00825Going ashore at Deception Island, Antarctica (200mm equiv) DSC00817Long-abandoned whaling station, Deception Island DSC00827Leopard seal resting on an ice floe, King Haakon Bay, South Georgia DSC05465Crabeater seal, King Haakon Bay, South Georgia DSC05214King penguin close-up Gold Harbour, South Georgia DSC02988Dubrovnik walled old city, viewed from Napoleon's Srdj Imperial Fort DSC07220 (43mm equiv zoom)Wide angle (24mm equiv) view of Dubrovnik, viewed from Napoleon's Srdj Imperial Fort DSC07219