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DSC05799 Albatross, South GeorgiaGiant Petrel DSC04569 Prion Island, South GeorgiaBrown Skua DSC04528 Prion Island, South GeorgiaThe chefs prepare the barbecue dnner on the Lido deck as passengers return by Zodiac DSC01733 Paradise BayOpen air barbecue dinner among the glaciers P1010671 Paradise BayThe watch officer's RX10M3 on the ship's bridge in the Antarctic Sound DSC02522The Officer on Watch steps outside into the freezing gale with his Sony RX10iii DSC02554 Antarctic SoundThe Officer on Watch's RX10iii on the bridge DSC02559 Antarctic SoundNavigating through the icebergs DSC02550 Antarctic SoundNO LENS CORRECTION P1060378 Cape Town WaterfrontLeopard seal is as interested in the people as they are in it DSC04797 Elsehul, South GeorgiaFeisty fur seal pup makes a close approach DSC04383 Fortuna Bay, South GeorgiaCurious young fur seal tests flag pole for edibility DSC04225 Fortuna Bay, South GeorgiaClose-up of a leopard seal, resting on an ice floe DSC05465 King Haakon Bay, South GeorgiaFeeding fur seal pup DSC04552 Prion Island, South GeorgiaMoulting female elephant seal close-up DSC03545 Saint Andrews Bay, South GeorgiaFur seal in the snow DSC02878 Gold Harbour, South GeorgiaPorpoising seals DSC05602 King Haakon Bay, South GeorgiaLumbering elephant seal makes intermittent progress, with frequent rests P1020002 Gold Harbour, South GeorgiaThe giant elephant seal dwarfs the little Gentoo penguin P1010958 Gold Harbour, South GeorgiaHebridean Sky among the icebergs and glaciers DSC01519 Paradise BayHebridean Sky in Ushuaia Harbour, viewed from the Arakur Hotel DSC00477The crabeater seal's multi-lobe teeth need a clean DSC05182 King Haakon Bay, South GeorgiaFeeding fur seal pup DSC04552 Prion Island, South GeorgiaFZ 1000 P1210538 Rolling shutter testFZ 4000 P1210547 Rolling shutter testFZ 5000 P1210563 Rolling shutter testRX 1000 DSC06165 Rolling shutter testRX 4000 DSC06177 Rolling shutter testRX 5000 DSC06189 Rolling shutter testThe watch officer's RX10M3 on the ship's bridge in the Antarctic Sound DSC02522DSC06202 RX10 out-of-focusDSC06217 RX10 f4 2000 some jelloDSC06221 RX10 f8 2000 no jelloDSC06257 RX10 4000 jelloDSC06273 RX10 5000 med jelloDSC06278 RX10 5000 med jelloDSC06745 a6000 4000 no jelloP1020520TZ1000 2000 no jelloP1020535TZ1000 2000 video jelloP1210605FZ1000 4000 no jelloP1210618FZ1000 5000 jelloP1210626FZ1000 5000 jelloP1210645FZ1000 vid 2000 jelloRX10 video frame f4 2000 jello C0008.MP4_000001492Female Upland Goose DSC05853 Port Stanley, FalklandsMale Upland Goose DSC05851 Port Stanley, FalklandsKing penguins can make rapid progress sledging on their bellies DSC03618 Saint Andrews Bay, South GeorgiaNO LENS CORRECTION Old Whaling station DSC03993 Grytviken, South Georgia