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I'm from Florida, but living in France. I've been into photography for a long time, but I feel that I've only just begun. I don't know where I'm headed, but there's no use being late. Cheers.


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On article Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been officially retired (351 comments in total)

We all saw this coming anyway. No surprise there. Personally this doesn't bother me. I switched to Affinity Designer for work use to replace Illustrator and it's really quite nice. Plus I payed $39 for Affinity Designer which is only about two months of Illustrator stand-alone. So far Designer is only missing one little feature I used to use on Illustrator. As for Photography use, you can't beat the Photoshop/Lightroom $10 package. Although, if Affinity offered something comparable to Lightroom, I'd still consider switching to Affinity Photo and that. 10 bucks a month for two leading photo programs is a good deal, but I think we all like to just pay a one time reasonable price and forget about it.

I think Adobe would have kept a lot more customers if they were not so greedy with the prices of the rest of the CC suite. Why not like $5 per program per month and let us pick and choose what we need? At least, that's my opinion. :)

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fuego6: Nope.. don't need yet another sharing site... thx but pass.

Well, after Instagram lost a half of it's users thanks to their TOS update, those mobile photographers had to find another home and EyeEm is a good start since it has a lot of fresh features that Instagram and others don't have. So, I welcome the addition and I hope they don't get bought out and closed. Time will tell.

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My camera would be a full frame DSLR in a compact-ish weather-sealed alloy body with great low light capabilities and WiFi and GPS built in.
Oh wait, Canon just released the 6D. Okay, never mind. They've already made mine. I just have to wait for it to start shipping.

For me, and apparently only me, I like things that do exactly what I want or need without a lot of overkill fluff just to impress others. Sure, the 6D doesn't have a million AF points. But I don't even use all the 9 that I have. "But the 6D doesn't have an onboard flash!" Good! I hate onboard flashes and I prefer to choose when or if I need to carry one around. I'd rather have something that has excellent high ISO performance and focuses in moonlight.

Anyway, I could go on and rant more but I'll stop. I didn't mean this to be a review of the 6D. Sorry. :)

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On photo P1070072 in the Detachment challenge (1 comment in total)

That's in Rome. :) I have a photo of him also.

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On photo Alone in the Downtown Today challenge (3 comments in total)

I took a very similar photo to yours last year.

It's in my gallery:

Great job!

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On photo IMG_0794 in VisualNectarPhotography's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Love this shot!

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