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  • On a brief look, it looks yummy to me. Will definitely try that. Thank you DPR! for bringing it to my attention! Hopefully, the LR will be a history soon.

  • I wouldn´t call this a valid argument. A 77D now works probably better than 10D, although it is lower class camera than 10D. There is this thing, called evolution, which makes standard from ...
  • NOT AT ALL. :-) (unless you use an adapter)
  • Wow! People can get quite freaky about small, and seemingly unimportant stuff. Kudos to all of you for the awesome job and technical analysis, and presenting it.

  • I see no specific aspects from which I could believe there is certain type and strenght of the AA filter. Where this claim came from?

  • Hello and welcome. You have pretty good camera and lens system. The M system might not have each aspect of it “best of the best”, but it is very useful, compact, affordable, and also very nice to ...
  • I jumped the ship for that, and found out that grass is not greener elsewhere....
  • No. The loud demand, and so called "whining" is ecactly what drives those companies to do what people want. So, we will continue, and we´ll see if we can get it, or we can´t... Well, I wouldn´t say ...
  • Wow, that was truly amazing! Now I think multiple things. Buying the image from you, and saving money for that lovely piece of glass and machinery (100-400mm II).
  • Replied in M50 & 4K
    I guess that it is all okay, but it is where we differ. 25p 4K without DPAF is utterly useless for me. I hope I'm a minority here....
  • That's way too awesome with this gear. :-) Like, it's close to me, as I have the M6 too, but there is this piece in my chain missing, to make this shot. The piece about twelve inches behind the ...
  • Replied in <facepalm>
    Funny one! Reminds me of such funny topic in other forums. Even outside DPR. But, as you can see and read, those apologists will never stop with their arguments. I Still love my M6, and it is the ...
  • From time to time, I like to play, and for some advanced processing, it was helpfull to fiddle with some exif info to get the right outcome. Some deep $hit... Or, for evaluating someones issue, ...
  • It has been already described: 1) size and weight for small setup. Doesn´t matter it gets as big with longer lenses. It CAN be very small with certain setup, and that´s enough. 2) WYSIWYG - Live ...
  • That´s what makes it so exciting, geeky and makes you feel like you know something, even when you don´t. :-)
  • Well, they did get not only complains. How would they plan to release EF-M 35mm f/1.4 when nobody wanted it? I´m waiting (starving) for 22,35 and 50mm fast lenses, and it seems that Canon hears ...
  • Very good catch and idea! Thumbs up, keep shooting. :-)
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    The important thing is the word "COULD". We don´t know, but it could as well be, that there would be no cost increase. And we are more likely to believe that one, because is known for their milking ...
  • Nice shots, and I absolutely agree. Bought my 55-250mm IS STM for my M6 quite recently too.
  • Yes, definitely stay away from it. If there is some explanation involving other people or other countries, you got 99% scam on your hands. Also, I often got e-mails asking the price (in different ...
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