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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (484 comments in total)

I've tried a few setups in my time to find the elusive ideal for travel. The ultimate balance between image quality, portability and focal range versatility. Every solution involved multiple lenses, the changing of which bugged me more and more as time went by.

Enter the RX10 III - IQ on a par even with some APS-C cameras, an incredible 24-600mm range and superb video features to boot... all in one package for travel and walkabout. At last a solution is found! Am I a happy bunny? You bet I am!

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (502 comments in total)

The Sony RX10 III is absolute rubbish compared to the Panny FZ1000 because it's twice the price. The Nikon D5 plus 600mm f4 lens gives far better IQ at 600mm....

My Dad can beat your Dad up!

A lot of the comments on here are, frankly, laughable.

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ray-ray: I'm not an elitist, therefore I'm not looking down my nose at this software with snobbery as my motive. The fact is, Anthropics, with its Portrait Pro, Smart Photo Editor & LandscapePro software has carved out a niche that appeals to a certain class of photographer or graphic artist. It may not be my cup of tea, but nevertheless, you have to be somewhat impressed with their technology. Their facial recognition algorithms in Portrait Pro are impressive. I suspect LandscapePro is just evolving and maybe worth watching (early versions of Portrait Pro were not nearly as evolved as the current version). I'm not an Anthropics employee or even a fanboy - just an evolving photographer with 40+ years experience and 30+ years of computer graphics software.

I'm with you on this. As you say, too many snobby elitists and instant haters willing to dig their knives in here. I can see the software's potential once it evolves into something more refined. I hope it does.

BTW, similar 40 years as a keen photographer, 25 years working in the IT industry. Graphic Artist before that.

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gehairing: Landscapes represent 99.99% of my pictures. I like to make real photographies. Find nice places in the mountains. Coming back several times to have the right light. And then : the right day, at the right hour, with the right atmospheric conditions make the right picture. That is a real pleasure :o)

Why would an amateur (not selling pictures) make fake landscape pictures (changing skies, changing grass color, enhance this or this...) ? What is the artistic or personal goal for this ?

Of course i understand that professionals who must bring a photo back from a trip could need such tools. But i'm not sure the result is good enough for sale a landscape picture heavily enhanced by such tools. Usually these pro's can enhance enough in LR and PS (or equivalent tools). And if they can't the picture is usually worth nothing ;o)

In my humble opinion we're going the bad direction ... :o(

(Sorry, english is not my native language)

For me, your reasons for "real" landscape photography are what it's all about. However, I do see the potential for plugins like this, especially for wedding photographers as a prime example who would not have the luxury of being able to reshoot when the atmospheric conditions are more favourable.

I do think it needs more refinement though. I'm playing around with the trial at the moment and have managed to get some half-decent results.

By the way, your command of the English language will almost certainly be infinitely better than mine of your native tongue.

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It becomes plainly obvious that most people spending 10 minutes with this software applying any of the presets willy nilly to any old image are, almost certainly, going to be hugely unimpressed. It is very easy to end up with incredibly naff results. I’ve spent a little more time with the trial and got to know the controls a little deeper. If you apply a little more time, effort and photographic common sense, it is possible to achieve some decent and acceptable results.

This is version 1.0 and as such, lacks a fair bit of refinement and capability. If Anthropics pursue a development programme similar to what they have with their sister product, Portrait Pro, which is now on version 15, this could end up being a useful plugin.

As it stands, this product may be OK for the casual hobbyist photographer but it’s not going to convince those a little more serious about post processing and retouching. It may need to get to version 5.0 + before that happens.

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cesaregal: Interesting the tool that helps to select areas of sky through the branches of a tree.

I've actually just had a brief go with that in the trial version and it did a far better and quicker job than any of the masking software I've tried. The 5 mins I've just spent with this software has left me quite impressed.

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My oh my! A lot of sarcastic comments here. Their Portrait Pro software is actually rather good and can certainly cut the cost of having a make-up artist do all the work.

I agree, the samples don't look particularly good and I will reserve judgement until I've had a play with the trial. However, if I can manage to replace the ubiquitous "white sky" with something more interesting and give a photo more pleasing light without it looking too obvious, I might just go for it.

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In all this discussion about the photos, the RX10's video capabilities seem to be being overlooked. It is as much a video camera as a stills camera and, as far as I can make out, will deliver best in class 4K video along with super slow-motion features that, currently, no other Bridge camera can offer.

I'm not a Sony fan-boy but I do like to think that credit is given where credit is due and, at the moment, there is no credit being given to the camera's rather impressive video functionality.

And please! If you're going to criticise the sensor performance, do it against other 1" sensor cameras and not against M4/3, APS-C or Full-Frame. We all know that they will deliver better image quality and ISO performance. Don't we?

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villagranvicent: At least on my computer the shots at 100% view looks pretty crappy. Too much noise, lack of detail and blown highlights. But what the heck, is a SONY right?

I really don't think Bridge cameras were designed for pixel peeping analysts. They are for people who want an all-in-one solution that's better than a compact yet smaller and lighter than your average DSLR (and certainly smaller, lighter and cheaper than a DSLR with a 600mm lens) with the benefit of not having to change lenses. We're talking a 1" sensor. Anyone with half a photographic brain will know that this will not deliver as good image quality as any larger format sensor - why expect it to???? Most photos will end up viewed on a laptop, PC monitor, iPad or iPhone. If they look good enough at that size, surely that's all that matters. Geez!

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1177 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: It is unique and stands out from among the rest.


Because it doesn't serve the purpose of "professionals" or "tech-heads".

You will buy this because you love photography.


Well... I'm currently loving photography with my new Sony RX100 IV which cost £2,100 less than the Q and achieved a score of 85% from DPR. I wouldn't say no to one. I think the image quality from Leicas is wonderful but, in terms of value for money, there are better choices. If money isn't an object, of course, then I'm sure it's a fine camera to own.

Link | Posted on Mar 24, 2016 at 11:00 UTC

Can't help but admire this guy in the utmost. Travelling the world, taking incredible photos but he's definitely got what it takes and seems to strike up quite an affinity with his subjects in order to get "the shot".

He's ideal National Geographic material. They ought to sponsor him as one of their "Adventurers in Residence".

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On article Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary (596 comments in total)

Hmmm! Which CSC shall I consider buying? Olympus E-M1, Fuji X-T1, Nikon 1 V3. Put it another way, which of those three will I not consider buying... sorry Nikon.

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On article 2014 Sony World Photography Awards finalists revealed (66 comments in total)

While some of the photos are good, a number of them are now just becoming too cliché such as No. 10 - how many times have I now seen a shot similar to that? As for no. 3, how on earth did that get into the final selection?

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marike6: Other than price there doesn't seem much to complain about considering that most large aperture lenses are not bitingly sharp straight from max aperture.

But the 58 f/1.4 has some crucial differences and advantages over similar lenses:

* Color/contrast easily surpasses other 50s as expected from a high grade Nano Coated Nikkor.
* Resolution as good or better than to other 50s
* Bokeh is significantly creamier, more refined
* Metal barrel, high build quality as expected for the price

58 f/1.4 Lens Review (vs 58 f/1.2 Noct-Nikkor, EF 50 f/1.2, Sigma 50 f/1.4)


58 f/1.4 full-sized samples


I can enhance colour and contrast quite easily within Lightroom and Photoshop. Do I really need to spend another £1700 to get it?

Link | Posted on Nov 13, 2013 at 15:03 UTC

If you can afford the lens then great! Personally, I'll stick with my trusty 50mm 1.4 and take one step forward or my 85mm 1.4 and take two steps back.

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year - Part 1: Fujifilm X100S (306 comments in total)

Just couldn't resist when I saw an X100S sitting there behind the glass in a Newcastle camera shop. It looked gorgeous. It has to be one of the best "walkaround" cameras in existence at the moment. I can't imagine ever wanting to get rid of it (that's unless they bring out a FF X300 :-) ).

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On article Hands-on with the retro Nikon Df (231 comments in total)

Spot on! Agree with Andy,s thoughts on this one entirely.

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2013 at 11:04 UTC as 65th comment

In a time where the customer seems to have become simply ignored by the major brands, Fuji continue to buck the trend. They listen, act upon the feedback and give us what we ask for, even when it doesn't make too much economic sense.

DPR state this "goodwill gesture" might not make them any money. Well, I certainly think it will in the long-term. It will make existing owners even more loyal and tempt others to switch to a brand that really know how to look after their customers.

I love my X100s and hope to see the same dedication to its improvement over time. Well done Fuji! I applaud you.

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2013 at 07:56 UTC as 118th comment

Thanks but No Thanks! Will happily stick with CS6 from now on. It does everything I want it to do with the range of plug-ins I have.

Worst mistake Adobe ever made.

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svx94: If Nikon pay attention to Fuji's X forums, and how many Nikon-Fuji adapters sold, it is not hard to figure out that those are the people Nikon LOST (with me being one of them). Nikon 1 is a disaster, face it.

"Fuji do not have good camera, nor they have good lens."

Eh?! Tell that to the zillions buying the new X100s at the moment - me included - and yes, I own a Nikon D800 too.

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