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jetstream: For those still wondering what the fuel shutoff valve looks like, here's an interesting post from PG:
Still unsure whether it could have been tripped accidentally or not, but 100% convinced that reaching for the knife, cutting off the harness upside down in the dark and underwater, even trained people would have had no chance...

Umm, the pilot lived.

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2018 at 23:36 UTC
On article Hands-on with the Sony a7 III (584 comments in total)
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fabulousrice: I'm a bit disappointed that Sony seems to have abandoned the smaller designs of their earlier mirror-less cameras (NEX-3 which basically had no protruding grip, NEX-5, etc). Part of the fun for me was to be able to use a pancake or a small lens and have something thinner than 2 inches and easy to pocket...

One word, battery.

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Mrrowe8: Love this camera, but again Sony to me shoots themselves in the foot If you are new to Sony and want a great walking around everyday camera this with 24-105 is $3 grand , yet the Nikon D750 with 24-120 is 2.200 $.. makes it hard to jump on board with the Sony .. Which looks to be a great camera .. But for someone like me ( 30 yrs experience , fine art photosphere ) looking to up grade as treat for me from a well loved taken everywhere NikonD7100 this summer/fall makes it hard to jump on board to Sony ..However it is on my short list of D500 no need for lens got a couple , D750 with lens , and this Sony A7iii ..

If silent mode, high ISO, 1080 at 120 fps aren't important to you, then clearly the camera isn't for you. If you think Sony shot themselves in the foot, you're insane. This is all but guaranteed to outsell the 750 and pretty much every other entry level FF camera.

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Mariano Pacifico: "Bokeh Master" !!! Bokeh is now in vogue that never were since photography was invented before I was born. The promotion and touting of "Bokeh" is meant to kill bokeh-less extremely convenient cellcams that are killing dSLRs? Regardless, cellcams is in. dSLRs is out !!! Bokeh or no bokeh cellcams wins.

IOW you don't care about quality.

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Kwick1: Hmmmm. Amazon shows Body Only at $2199, not $1999 like it says in your article.

Look again.

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Gatoraied: If only a camera company could make its users better photographers, huh? Well. of course thats a pipe dream, isn't it? In the meantime, 98% will be debating, analyzing and doing everything other than utilizing what they own. Two percent will be too busy using their gear to really care. Some things will never change, eh? Bring on the next camera to feed the hungry.

Curious why you are here then. This is a gear site, not a photo site. Don't feed the mouth you clearly don't like.

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Tom Holly: Hold on a minute, I’m confused, I thought this camera was the one where Sony finally stepped up?

Or will that be the mark 4?

That didn't answer my question at all.

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Tom Holly: Hold on a minute, I’m confused, I thought this camera was the one where Sony finally stepped up?

Or will that be the mark 4?

Stepped up to what? What camera in this price range is better?

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mpb002: Sony should probably stick to doing what they do best, msking vidro game platforms and TVs.

And you should stick with what you do best, which is clearly not spelling.

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fmian: I don't see how this is relevant news here. Because the base camera is the same PRICE as a stills camera? Seems like DPREVIEW is having an identity crisis.

Please remind us what part of video isn't multiple photographs showed in rapid succession to give the appearance of motion.

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Iloveaircraftnoise: I honestly don't get it. Am I missing something here? Can you guys help me out please.

I have always used the proprietary Canon (and Nikon) software.
Never had a problem with either of them. Cost is not an issue. I do paid photo gigs from time to time - yes the Canon software is slow, I know that. But If my pictures are decent out of camera I hardly need to do anything in post.

Why does everyone need all these fancy complicated cheat tools to make your photos look better?

You're right, you don't get it.

Link | Posted on Jan 25, 2018 at 04:22 UTC
On article Canon announces long-awaited EOS 7D Mark II (116 comments in total)
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turbsy: What is with this crying for 4k on a still camera?

I'm confused. Are you saying that the shutter speed is fixed in video? My understanding is you can set the shutter to whatever you want. Granted, the resulting video will look weird (strobe light like), but if the point is to take 8mp stills at 30 fps, this should work perfectly fine (well, if it had 4k).

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On article Judge strikes down fine against drone photographer (130 comments in total)
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Then please give up your computer and your digital camera(s) and everything else that has changed for the better since the 60's.

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Peiasdf: At some point, I think street photography went from creepy to stupid.

As opposed to self portrait avatars of a camera in front of your face? We don't see enough of those either.

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matthewk459: How quickly we forget Eddie Adams' photo of General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan's execution of Nguyen Van Lem. Or, Kevin Carter's photo of the child and the vulture of the Sudan. (and yes, I realise Carter's photo was a matter of perspective and he likely chased the bird away)

Rather than beating them up on the internet, we simply gave them Pulitzers. Perhaps if this was on the cover of time magazine rather than the post, we'd all be looking at this a little differently...

It's simply journalisim, bringing you the worst, and best parts of humanity since the dawn of time. Shame on us for being so hypercritical of a situation none of us actually participated in.

Maloy - fake picture and fake story? Are you nuts?!

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macroxscape: No amount of saying could excuse a person not to do something to save the fellow human being but taking a train of pictures (40+). The picture says more about the photographer and the NYPost editing manager than the tragedy in the picture. God bless us all.

So you are out saving lives left and right? Or is it only if you happen to be in the area of someone about to die. People die senseless deaths all over the world on a daily basis. What have you done to prevent a single death?

Link | Posted on Dec 5, 2012 at 23:26 UTC
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davejm53: The Post clearly is only looking for sensationalism. They are disgusting. I also wonder where anyone else was to help this man? Were no New Yorkers around? The photographer for one is an idiot, but that does not excuse all other people.

The person in teh photo is an idiot. All you have to do is lay down in the tracks, they are made for that. Or he could have run the opposite way, this is far down the subway track so the train is slowing and near stopped.

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PanErwin: Many people here defend the publication of this image, but what do you find interesting in this image? Except some voyeurism?

Only answer I can find is that it makes me react because things like this should not happen. Let's find ways to make this impossible. You can not have a cop behind everyone?

So here is an idea: in a nearby city, the subways are accessible only through doors that open after the cars have stopped. The platform is isolated from the tracks with a plexiglass wall, and the wagons stop precisely so that the plexi doors and wagons doors are aligned.


PanErwin - are you kidding? NYC isn't even close to the wealthiest city in the world. The average income here is very low.

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On photo Walt Disney Concert Hall in the Be Veg, Go Green 2Save The Planet ! challenge (3 comments in total)

Now I know how to win a challenge, be the only entrant!

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