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Jonathan F/2: I don't mind the increased Sony coverage, because Sony is innovating on the mirrorless front and also happen to be the only affordable mirrorless FF player.

What I do find is that these paid Sony sponsored trips do seem to lessen credibility not just for this site, but for all camera gear reviewers. In fact, I now actively look for sites and reviews that aren't from these Sony sponsored trip, because frankly I just don't trust them. That's coming from a Sony user.

One photographer in one photo shoot with the article clearly stated sponsored by Nikon is nothing compared to the multi day junket that Sony is doing showering the writers with hot air balloon rides and serious swag bags...

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Chris2210: Sony appeared to have a bit of a scatter gun approach to technology in imaging and there was a big mismatch [and actual division for a while] between their consumer electronics backed mass market cameras and the DSLR business they bought from Minolta.

Even when the original A7 was released I was scratching my head - it seemed like a small, fiddly camera teamed with huge lenses. So the weight saving in the body was offset by overall system weight an the cost of poor ergonomics.

Eventually sheer depth of innovation in the A7 series was enough to make me take notice, then start to take seriously, until at the present they're clearly at the forefront in terms of all-round capability.

Yup, Sony is saving major cash going with cheap Chinese labor and yet is still charging more than Japanese made Canon...

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jameszhan: So entertaining to see all the people getting butthurt about this camera being the best camera you can get for under $2000 while most other people are enjoying their powerful A7 III they got for such great price and shooting away.

Yeah, keep arguing! Doesn't make this camera less of a steal for less than $2000. ;-)

Yes, Nikon users, please dump your obsolete DSLR's and lenses. Scored a $1000 D750 yesterday with a 2000 shutter count. Should've been worth less than that as I can barely take pics with as the focus points are too centered in the frame though. /s Along with several 1.4 primes for 50% off. Keep it coming folks...

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Look on the bright side Nikon users. Due to the many Sony jumpers, I've collected some really nice primes and bodies for fraction of the cost of new, most are only about 6 mo to a year old: D750, D500, 24-70E VR, 70-200 E FL,, 24, 35, 58 1.4 primes...

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Maxlam76: Some comments ->

- Focus is OK but the image quality due to the used high ISO sucks...
- Sony A7 is used in combination with a Sony prime. Nikon is used with a Sigma lense. The comparison is certainly not fair
- Previous implementation of CDAF from other camera makers are even more impressive in low light (Panasonic goes to -4eV).

@steelhead3 I think what Maxlam76 is alluding to isn't the optical quality, it's the focusing ability. My Sigma 35 1.4 Art on my D800 takes longer to lock on to focus (and does more focus hunting in low light) than does a native Nikon 35mm 1.4 lens.

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Vadimka: Let's take a minute of silence now, to remember our fallen comrades mr Canon & mr Nikon.

Ummm... This sensor is more than likely to appear in a "D900"... It's poor Canon that's going to be left out in the cold.

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