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  • Replied in KAF4 mount
    This, IMO, would be a better choice than the normal USB 3 connector for the K-1's replacement. Easier to use, and it doesn't require changes in the body (there's no room for the wide USB 3 connector) ...
  • Replied in upgrade
    I'm afraid setting it to its 'rest' position procedure is equally difficult: push. Indeed, a very complicated contraption. I understand why people are concerned about it ;-) Alex
  • - REtractable design (more compact when stored) - silent PLM autofocus - electronically-controlled aperture Alex
  • Replied in K1
    We already established - based on information you provided - that you've got an used model. The dirt on the sensor was there because of careless usage, not "sloppy QA". It doesn't take much - just ...
  • Replied in K1
    If you pay for new gear and get a camera with its shutter release count at 250 (and dirty sensor), it should put you off from trying that store again. Alex
  • Unless there's an UHS-II inscription on the camera, I wouldn't assume the presence of the UHS-II contacts and controller ;-) If they want to surprise us (and the hardware allows it), how about ...
  • SimenO1, I like how you're thinking.
    Though I'd also keep a Canon kit, just in case I'd be shooting swerving cyclists...

  • If the UHS II extra connectors are missing, no firmware is going to add them ;-) Alex
  • Thank you. 80MB/sec, that's the read speed? The write speed might be significantly lower, especially if the manufacturer doesn't mention it. Ale
  • The K-1 should be able to use UHS-II cards as well (as they're backwards compatible with UHS-I, but the transfer speed won't be any faster. It would be wasted money. Alex
  • Replied in DA 560 and K-1
    And you're putting it to good use! Thanks for sharing. Alex
  • Replied in Just got it
    I hope everything will work well for you, this time. Cameras are too complex, and too easily replaced with different (rather than evolved) models. I promised myself I won't get a new model right ...
  • Yes, it is very confusing. Get the Digital Camera Utility 5 Update (v5.5.1). If you have an USB drive correctly renamed, it should work. Now, wait a minute... try 'S-SW162' instead, or 'S-SW160' ...
  • You can. But it's not Silkypix, it's Pentax Digital Camera Utility. Download the update from the Ricoh Imaging's website: Then, ...
  • It depends on what kind of prescription glasses you need. I have astigmatism, and for that the dioptre adjustment is useless. The K-1's viewfinder is fine with glasses - but no more than fine, IMO. ...
  • As in, you were able to guess it? Alex Alex
  • "Two of the three bodies could not achieve critical focus at all. The third was better, and perhaps even OK." Whatever that means, as we had to persuade him to even describe the problem. Alex
  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    The K-1 is the first (and so far only) Pentax with a LCD overlay. Yes, it works differently from any of the previous models.
    It's not a big issue, but the criticism is valid.

  • Yes, I know - and the first paragraph is about the K-1. As I said, I haven't tried the DA21 on it. Alex
  • I haven't tried the DA21; I had no trouble focusing on distant objects with the DA70mm. Now that you asked... I remember the DA21 being a bit "tight" (i.e. sometimes failed to focus at infinity) on ...
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