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  • Indeed, the Pentax K-1 is a small volume product - besides it was seriously impacted by the Kumamoto eartquakes, not being available for a while. It wouldn't help much in units, but in revenue. A ...
  • I don't have to imagine what I know as a fact.
    Sorry, but your student lost his money.

    L.E. I can't blame you, though... the imaginary product is definitely cool. Even I was contemplating how cool...

  • They do have UV and IR-cut filters, though. I won't guarantee they can't be scratched, but the sensor is not directly exposed. Alex
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    Unfortunately it doesn't - Pentax has very crude battery indicators. So far, the only "measurement" I did was to surpass the CIPA-rated battery life by a factor of two, despite GPS being activated. ...
  • By the way, libel means a false affirmation which is not the case here. That they're faking it is a proven fact.

  • Mike, I said such a product is impossible and I wasn't exaggerating.
    Let's start from the fact that it's supposed to use a tiny projector inside that tiny wrist band. There are quite a few...

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    I started up my Pentax K-1, just so I'd enable its GPS, turn it off and wait&see if the battery will be depleted in just a few days (no problem even if I forget, I have a charged spare). Surprise! ...
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    Yes I understand that; you made me curious about my Pentax K-1. I wonder if there's a need to keep the GPS active if the camera is off, I mean besides the GPS logging. Maybe the camera assumes ...
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    Yes, the correct usage is to start the GPS right before beginning your all-day long shooting session, and shut it down after you're done. Otherwise the GPS - indoors, wondering why the satellite ...
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    Here's an easy fix: don't do that! Alex
  • Two issues with that sensor: 1. it's no longer in production (since Samsung gave up on cameras) 2. the latest Sony 24MP sensors are as good, or slightly better Alex
  • The rendering of the camera is irrelevant; patents aren't tied to certain models. Alex
  • It's just another interpretation of its interface being "engaging" ;-) How could it be "engaging" without constantly attracting attention to itself? OTOH, are your hands "engaging" to use? Your eyes? ...
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    Thank you. Alex
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    Are you sure? I remember reading that Nikon refuses to repair gray market items. Alex
  • That's interesting; I always thought the best quality of a Pentax is that it's unobtrusive, you're using it as an extension of your body - and after a while you stop even noticing it. I never ...
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    Hmm... the Pentax is slightly more expensive than e.g. the B&H price, while the D810 is too cheap - which makes me suspicious. One of the reasons the K-1 is such a good proposition is it's low ...
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    The problem is that artist sketches cannot be made into properly functioning products - most of the time. It's impossible for one person to make relatively quickly a sketch of a camera while ...
  • The most likely two DSLRs are, IMO: - the expected K-3 class camera, i.e. a new APS-C flagship - an entry level camera, below K-70. A new K-3 class camera is a certainty, the only question is when ...
  • I like it! The subject-background contrast makes it work nicely. Alex
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