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rjjr: I just saved a boatload of money since now I don't have to travel to any of those places. ;^)

I had a similar thought, except my money will be saved on buying camera equipment. :) I'll still go travel, just lighter next time.

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You know, I watched this on YouTubes Highest setting (4K?) and it didn't look too bad. If there was a high probability that the lens would be damaged in the shot, I would use this, hell, I'd buy a whole case of these to have on hand.

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DrEvil: Is my refrigerator spying on me? I am very scared.

Probably, Documenting the kinds of foods you eat so they can cut the supply of heavily processed foods at their source and starve you into submission.

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KrisAK: About that California law...that the use of 2nd-hand cameras in certain school environments is forbidden....

Anyone have a link, or more info. That's the weirdest thing I've heard in a long time, and kind of disturbing.

Never heard that one, and I live in California. You have a link?

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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)

These remind me of every photo my wife takes with her I phone before I clean the fingerprints and smudges off the glass. For $6300 I'll let you rent my kids to help turn your current lens into a "Thumb"ar.

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If I was going for an effect like this, I would make my own.
Step 1: Buy a cheep roll of film from the local drugstore/Target/Walmart
Step 2: Go into an almost dark room, like a bathroom with no windows, but light leaks around the door.
Step 3: Pull film out of canister and wave it around the room
Step 4: Roll it back into canister making sure to leave the leader out.
Step 5: Load up your camera and shoot the roll.
Step 6: See what happens, at least the end results would be authentic to what you did to the film.

Alternately, you could buy some expired film on eBay that may or may not have been stored correctly and use that.

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fft2000: So the next company takes NIK just to extract the tech behind. I neither use NIK, not even Lightroom, nor Windows or Mac - but when I heard about it I downloaded it and tried to use it with wine - unfortunately didn't work :( But I'm still interested!
I think the only way to do something for the community would be to give them the source code. Something that Google already should have done. That would ensure that it stays usable in future versions of Lightroom/Photoshop/OP/... But unfortunately I think that won't happen, probably just becase of some stupid software patents...

Yeah all those stupid software patents.... sort of like all those stupid copywrites on photos. How dare they try to make money on their hard work and not let me use it for free.

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jhinkey: I'll wait until they hit the used market.
In the mean time I'll smear some silicone grease on the front of a 85/2.4 Loxia and make due with that . . .

It looks very similar to a 90mm Elmar F4 with fungus I used to have. Except the photos from the Elmar looked better.

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MrBrightSide: Time for a big story about scanners vs film holder and a macro lens, but in the meantime whatever happened to those Nikon scanners everyone used to have under their desks? They were about the size of a Mac Pro if I recall.

@deep7: Have you tried vue scan? it is available here.
Not free though.

It works great with my Minolta film scanner and OS X Sierra. I have the firewire scanner though, not the scsi one.

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SmilerGrogan: As the supreme authority on these matters I submit that Yashica stands for only one thing: the twin-lens reflex Yashicamat and Yashicaflex cameras. The 19th century ended ages ago, let's please not revive their primitive one-lens systems. What's next? Trade in my Toyota for an ox cart and parade about in hoop skirts?

and can help organically fertilize the fields as they haul items.

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LDunn1: "expect the unexpected" it says......

a digital camera would be 'too expected'.

Therefore I'm going with a retro FILM rangefinder - especially as analogue in general (vinyl album records in our local supermarkets reappeared recently!) & film/slide seems to be staging something of a comeback of late.

No one would expect anyone to launch a film camera these days would they??? ;-)

Yashica Electro mark 2 :)

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Daft Punk: I have never seen anyone using one of these out in the field.

Anyone with experience care to share what they are like ?

I had a Contax 500mm Mirotar. As I recall it was a pretty good lens. Sold my Contax system about 10 years ago, but have fond memories of it.

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Starkiller: Kodak should bring back VHS tapes, too. Analog videographers need both.

Truly analog videographers would need to purchase my fully mechanical Bolex D8L. It shoots as long as it is wound up or it runs through it's 50Feet of 8mm stock, but then I guess they would be called cinematographers rather than videographers.

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ChickenBalls: hmm is Leia Inc named after princess Leia?
I wonder what Luke Inc makes.

Prosthetic hands.

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sop51: Great article, DPR. More corporations need to adopt Sony's business approach, but who the hell came up with "the guinea pig spirit" thing? Surely someone could have come up with something more appropriate to celebrate Sony's innovative and pioneering spirit.

Guinea pigs may actually be revered rodents in Japan, but over here they have a rather negative connotation, usually evoking images of defenseless lab rats being subjected to dangerous experiments. Perhaps Sony's customers are the guinea pigs?

Well, Sony isn't based "over here" they are based in Japan, so it makes total sense that they would pick something culturally significant to them for their factory.

As far as the honey badger, Wikipedia compares the honey badger to a large weasel or polecat. So as far as most American companies and their executives go, that would probably be a fairly accurate description.

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The Sage Knows: Picking the 13th for a major announcement?
Not a good idea for success.

only if you are superstitious.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (413 comments in total)
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Wubslin: You lot can waste your money on expensive toys. I'm adding more money to my savings instead.

Paid off mortgage + no debt + savings = security

Then why are you here if you are not interested in photography?
I too save and invest money, but I don't talk about it on a photography site, I go to a financial site to talk about it. There are some great discussions going on at seeking alpha.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon IXUS 50 / SD400 Digital ELPH (70 comments in total)

I still have my Elph (The 4megapixel version of this camera ). Took it on vacation a few years ago to Fiji, since I had an underwater housing for it that I purchased when new. Still takes good pictures.
Revision - Actually now that I think about it, it is older than this camera. It used A CF card instead of a SD card, dug it out of the closet and it is the S400. Similar name, different camera

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ShaiKhulud: My mate (reporter pro with big Nikon guns) bought J1 some time ago. That went totally fine, yeah. Sold to him my NEX-7 when the whole Nikon 1 story flopped.

Joking aside tho. I'm eager to see not the body (it will be around 6K series because of Sony sensors, I guess), but the glass. Even with modest Sony, Fuji or even Olympus glass selection it will be tough to compete. MILC-body requires MILC-built glass. From scratch. I will be pessimist here, I don't think that Nikon right now have enough R&D money and resources to properly built an entire system from zero and compete with Sony or Fuji specs and price-wise.

Maybe they will resurrect the Nikon S series and put a sensor in it. Sort of the Leica Digital M idea except with the old Contax rangefinder mount. They already have the lens designs and even probably the tooling left over from the anniversary run of Limited edition S rangefinders.

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BklynBill: Fuji has the luxury of being known as a photographic company(from its film days) that no longer depends on that for its survival(Last I saw photographic products makes up 10% of its income and Instax is the lions share of that.). this allows them to take a thoughtful, deliberate and unflappable approach to the business- all good. But there are downsides: You can't introduce a camera(X-T2) nine months ago and another one(X-T20) six months ago and still have them unavailable at the major retailers! You have to get them in the hands of eager consumers who then will support you by investing in your nice lens lineup. This breeds frustration and lost sales. And, since they have an extended product cycle don't cripple your top flight items. Why doesn't the X-Pro2 have the T-20's 4k(I understand why it can'tt have the T-2's)capability? And a tilt screen? Why doesn't the T-2 have a touchscreen for video? These additions would keep your products relevant longer. But overall, Fuji is doing well.

I just checked B&H and X-T2 is in stock and available right now. Several kits with lens and grip are available also as I write this. I could order one and have it ship tomorrow. What major retailers are you talking about. Best Buy will never stock it, and for photography B&H is as major as it gets.

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