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On article Tamron issues warning about Nikon Z7 compatibility (233 comments in total)
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Parry Johnson: Really, I'm not worried too much about this. Sure, some features won't work, but in most cases, the basic functions will, like exposure and focus confirmation. In the world of cameras, those two functions had to be perfected long before autofocus.

That said, modern lenses that rely on solely electronic communication are the LEAST reliable in the long term, so I guess one has to accept that there will be some problems.

Parry, have you even considered that the new mount has been developed because the old one is as old as my parents? Nikon can't even make 1.2 AF lenses on this mount due to its limitations, not to mention that a mechanical aperture is less reliable when it comes to reproducing the same results when compared to an electronic controller. And overall, when it comes to reliability, the general consensus in every product on the market is the less moving parts - the better. It's why SSD's are more reliable, why electric cars are more reliable and when everything that has less mechanical moving parts involved gets more reliable.

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On article X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Video XL (41 comments in total)
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Loro Husk: Can someone explain me or show me a video on how to use these color checkers?

I'm not sure about video, but in photography (assuming manual settings that don't change between photos) you just take a reference photo with someone holding the card and then in PS or LR you can simply use the eyedropper tool in whitebalance (or in curves) to choose the 50 (or is it 18?)% gray area, or the white area, to automatically color correct the photo. This can be done the same to choose white levels, black levels and make sure that colors like red, blue, green and etc are looking as they should.

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On article X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Video XL (41 comments in total)
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Paul JM: The small version works well, and integrates with the colorfinale plugin in FCPx. But for a small moulded piece of plastic, the price of these is simply outrageous. I use small version with hand held video. Certainly not going to stretch to the cost of the larger model for drones : it is after all half the cost of a Mavic !

I agree about it being overpriced, however I find it hard to believe it's easy to create a pure white, pure black and other colors to be true-to-life in a pigment in a way that has to be consistent across every single board they make. Even A4 paper isn't pure white.

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On article Sample gallery: Fujifilm X-T3 (194 comments in total)
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goactive: Looks ok for a cropped camera nothing special or exciting. Shows, why you may still want to use FF over, cropped if you are shooting portraits and weddings to get better clean high iso images and the much better background blur bokeh. Now with the new Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras coming out for only a few hundred more, it seems that a cropped camera like this is just not needed now. Why buy a camera that gives you less image quality in low light with more noise and gives you less portrait background blur. Then you have the base ISO that is much higher then others making it even worse for portraits using flash outside. Then only low light shooting in -3EV that kinda of sucks, Both the new Nikon and Canon are much better for everything.

Remind me, how much do the new Nikon and Canon cost compared to this?

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On a photo in the Nikon Z7 sample gallery sample gallery (5 comments in total)
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lakkot: I'll take the Sony-Zeiss 24-70 F4 over this any time of the day (and especially night).


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On a photo in the Nikon Z7 sample gallery sample gallery (9 comments in total)
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Hasa: Why would we need a F5.6 shot? this is not where an expensive f1.8 lens should distinguish itself.

Why not just wait for the actual review rather than complain you're not getting lab-like results in a preview?

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On a photo in the Nikon Z7 sample gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)
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Dharma1965: so much noise .. and blurry!

What are you on about? Noise looks fine for ISO 1800 and the sharpness is down to the lens, this is also with a TC.

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CanonSharpShooter: Who cares, MILC is just a fad. A few years from now Nikon will drop this fetish for something else.

Digital is just a fad, it won't go anywhere and companies will ditch it soon enough for something else.

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Thoughts R Us: The new mount is a fantastic idea...big enough to allow for some really spectacular fast lenses. And who knows what else in the future?

Some have speculated the mount could allow for future MF, square sensors, etc...

Nikon has chosen with future ideas in mind. Companies that use smaller lens mounts may get trapped one day and regret it, and then have to start over again. But Nikon has future proofed their mount for the foreseeable future.

@David And how many of these are actually made by Sony?

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I_love_Sony: Sony: "In the first half of 2018 we sold more FF cameras than anyone else, and made more profit off them than anyone else. Here is the report."

Nikon: "Here is another cartoon for your perusal, enjoy. Don't forget to push shadows"

That's okay, considering Nikon took the #1 spot by the end of 2017 in FF sales (and that's with the major out of stock issues of the D850) , it's time to give Sony the torch for a little while and, you know, give Nikon the time to work on their MILC and win all these awards they keep getting.

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Robert1975: I'm waiting for 128TB cards and 300MP 1024fps cameras. I can't capture the moment without this.

Closest we have to 300MP is the Hassleblad with the multishot, doing 400MP photos which (according to them) delivers a 2.4GB TIFF file. At 1024 FPS that means you're eating up almost 2.5TB per second. That 128 TB card is gonna get real full real fast (not to mention this is like 2500 times higher than the SD Express rated speed).

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ecka84: Hey, guys. Why are you whining about the unreal card capacity? You were promised 2TB with the good old SD format, which never materialized. So what changed? You expect 128TB cards right away? We are lucky if we get reasonably priced 1TB cards anytime soon.

This is just making a specification that can support said sizes, you have to have the technology to manufacture it, too.

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tabloid: I presume one could plug the SD card a computer and have 128 tb external hard drive, or am i missing something her.

You're going to have to use a really fast reader, something along the lines of a USB3.1 reader, which are hard to come by and a PC with a 3.1 connector, which is also hard to come by.

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Elemanzer: Two things occur to me, on the basis of my experience DSLR-scanning 5x4s:

First, even a light table has some amount of texture (both the plastic surface and, more prominent, the scratches it almost surely will acquire). That will be visible in the scan if the film isn’t suspended over the light table on glass, rather than in direct contact.

Second, with 5x4s you’re better off with a flatbed unless you’re either stitch-scanning or using a 100MP+ digital back. And stitch scanning is such a pain (I go for 16 shots for each sheet, and you wouldn’t want to do too much less than that) that it’s probably just plain better to accept the cost of a V850.

Your alternatives are extremely pricey ones. I'm using a Yashica Mat 124G and I very occasionally shoot film for the fun of it, I have no intentions whatsoever to spend the vast amounts of money it would take to invest in a flatbed (plus the space) or a 100 MP digital camera.

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Alannn123: 150 t1.8 and 135 t1.5 seems to be unique, haven't seen that kind of aperture in stills lens yet.

@KWNJr It seems like a small variation, but 1/3rd of a stop in video variation is noticeable when switching between different camera angles, it can be the difference between cranking up your ISO to having a different shutter speed (and thus different look). You've got to have good match if you want DOF and lighting to be the same regardless of lens.

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Alannn123: 150 t1.8 and 135 t1.5 seems to be unique, haven't seen that kind of aperture in stills lens yet.

@KWNJr The Nikon 200 F/2 has a T-Stop of 2.4. Seems pretty hard to get a high transmission from big glass.

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sharkcookie: Crowd sourced and you have to pay for it? So they take your knowledge and your experience and then sell it?
As a professional photographer finding good locations is part of the job. I don't keep my locations a secret, but I sure as heck won't help a company build a database so they can make money off it.

But the joke, just like that analogy, is incorrect. Gear costs money, travelling costs money, bills cost money. Free is expensive.

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User7146803616: Intel unveils Core i9 laptop CPU, promises 'ultimate' content creation experience - yep, the ultimate until the i10 pops up!

Plus the only reason they even released an i9 was to combat AMD's Ryzen series which schooled Intel on price-performance.

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I was about to suggest we all start sticking light-reflecting fabric on our cameras so they're clearly visible, but then I realized we'll get shot by a cop thinking it's a sniper scope glint.

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Docno: These situations are a lot more complex than many people understand and cannot simply be attributed to poor training, cowardice, or malice. There are biological processes involved, for example the fact that potential threat information is routed to our “emotional reaction centre” (the amygdala) before it reaches our slower “analytical processing centre” (the frontal cortex). We evolved this way because it’s maladaptive to take time to decide whether that thing in the grass is a stick or a snake. Here’s how one behavioral scientist explains it:
“Crucially, while sensory information reaches the amygdala rapidly by this shortcut, it isn’t terribly accurate (since, after all, accuracy is what the cortex supplies).... this produces tragic circumstances where, say, the amygdala decides it’s seeing a handgun before the visual cortex can report that it’s actually a cell phone.”

When I was a foolish kid, I decided to dress up all in black (gloves, pants, shoes, ski mask, etc) and sit in a bus station with a news paper with eyeholes and look at people. The police showed up because someone called them over, and guess what, I didn't get shot. You know why I didn't get shot? Because I don't live in America.

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