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Rob P Astro: I can understand that for many people, they need to shoot video over long periods of time. I don't however understand all the heat canon seem to be getting for the overheating of higher quality video settings. Am I missing something?

If you are already shooting video over long periods of time, you already have the kit you need to do so. If your looking to upgrade, or start from fresh and the camera doesn't meet your needs just don't buy this camera! Everyone is moaning about a new product not meeting there specific needs, well no one is forcing you to purchase it. Just go and find a product that works for you.

For me I take photos only and the R6 seems perfect for my next upgrade. I'm not an early adopter so I'll give it a few months before I make a purchase to let any niggles iron themselves out. If the camera doesn't fit what I need, then I simply won't purchase it and look or wait for an alternative.

The S1H IS weather sealed though. Even with the active cooling...

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tkbslc: Why do I need 7 stops? So I can shoot 200mm at 1/3 a second? What would my subjects be?

Stabilization is also great for framing. Not just for the exposure benefits. If you're out at 200mm with a non stabilized system, the amount of shake can make it difficult to frame your shot. Adding in great stability greatly improves this shooting experience.

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vscd: I'm really impressed by the specs, now I only need a reason to make videos. I'm too old for a youtube-channel, so I guess I better stick to still images. The shoulderdisplay is great, thou. Never would buy a cam without it, coming from DSLRs, the Fuji X-H1 may have a serious contender now. Sony has none, so no buy. And the Panasonic looks fairly ergonomic. Canon, bring on the 5D Mark V or I may leave you for Panasonic, sooner or later ;)

@entoman. It also supports high resolution mode like the S1, so you can get 96mp raw stills from the s1h

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The G85 has an OLED EVF, not a field sequential EVF... that's the GX85...

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Michael Engelen: Can you tell us about the Auto-ISO implementation? Did it become "smart" (like depending on focal length or even configurable) or is still dumb like the implementation in the G80/81/85

Auto ISO / Minimum shutter speed settings are programmable in the G9 & GH5. You can set you min and max ISO range under Auto ISO, and your min shutter speed for "Auto, 1/1 up to 1/32000 (1/16000 on the GH5)"

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Hen3ry: Excellent review of a very remarkable camera. One possible omission: the kit lens shift from 14-42 to 12-60. That is a big move too (although it should be noted that the Lumix 14-42 ii is an outstanding performer).

All in all, it seems to me that while the reviewer fairly points to large elements of shared technology and performance between the G80/85 and its predecessor and siblings, Panasonic has really brought it all together in a package offering outstanding capability at a very economical price. Some niggles, of course, but they are ever with us.

The G80/85 is a peak production.

Looking at the G80/85, the GH5 and GX9 are going to have to be absolutely mind-boggling to justify their flagship status in their respective fields.

Exciting times! :D

Panasonic calls it wireless FP mode for the optical triggering. Using the Pocketwizard Flex TT5 System you can also do it with the radios as well.

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CarlStammerjohn: I was at a presentation Friday with Lumix Luminary Mark Toal and a Panasonic rep (Peter ..) and was told that many of the current lenses can be upgraded to work with the Dual IS system now. I purchased the G85 Saturday morning and upgraded my 12-35 and 35-100 later that day. When using the lenses, the camera indicates that it is in Dual IS mode. The upgrade website is

Dual I.S 2 is 5 - stop stabilization out to 280mm FOV.

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Derma pro: can the G85 built-in flash act as a trigger for external off-camera flash?


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Clear shot from Panasonic's Instagram account showing whats in the box:

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