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  • Had mine a month and its working good. Maybe there's something about me and EVFs. Have a hard time in bright sunlight. Had the same problem with the P900.
  • Agree. You, my friend, are a wise person.
  • I use lr 4 and I'm happy with it, no urge to upgrade. Until yesterday I was not familiar with Adobe dng converter. Installed it and it seems to work fine. Thanks for the response. John Dayton Ohio
  • Created question thread B 700 RAW files download problems
    Whats the secret to importing the RAW files into Lightroom from the B 700?  Having no problem with JPG files.
  • Thanks. I shoot whatever I stumble onto. Landscapes and old farm building mostly.
  • Wow, this is above my paygrade. Thanks for the opinion. I'm pushing 80 and I still want to have fun and not drag a heavy camera with extra lens around. Also don't want a new camera with a steep ...
  • Created discussion thread B700 v DSLR
    I'm not a professional photographer and never plan to be one. I'm in the hobby for fun and want to keep it that way. While looking for a longer lens for my D5100 and seeing the cost, I decided to ...
  • Recommend the sling, p900 gets heavy on the neck strap.
  • Replied in cool pix b700
    On the verge of putting a b700 on order. Had a bout with a p900 last year, had problems with getting used to the EVF and ended up selling it. Sure miss that big zoom. Maybe this new camera will be ...
  • If you are satisfied and happy with the switch, your decision will be good.
  • I'm impressed with your skill with the P900. I bought one when they were very hard to find and worked hard to semi master it. Could never deal with the EVF and sold it after 8 months at a a few ...
  • Good thread. Answers any questions I had.
  • Much easier. I jumped into the hobby in 60, my first 35MM was an Argus. Too expensive, complex and time consuming. Gave it up till digital came along. Now I'm concerned that with the rate we're ...
  • Not sure. In fact, I don't know the point that seperates the classes. Seems like "professional" is more a state of mind and "enthusiasts" actually enjoy what they're doing even if they can't use ...
  • I do not. I do this as a hobby, for my own enjoyment, not to put food on the table. If I tried to support myself with my photo skills, I'd be thinner, poorer, and less happy with my life in ...
  • Totally agree. Photography is a hobby to me and if someone ever downloads one of my photos, I would be proud.
  • Could be I'm blaming a camera that cannot automatically overcome my lack of photography skills. I'm having fun and may try another EVF soon. The big zoom sure makes it tempting. Thanks for the good ...
  • I've used photos without permission, nobody ever complained. If the owner did complain, I'd apoligise and quit using it. If somebody posts a file with a watermark or copywrited, I'd ask or leave ...
  • I'm 77 just went thru surgery on both eyes. Now only have to wear glasses when reading. With my SLR no problems, before or after surgery, but had problems with the EVF on my P900. Solved the ...
  • Created discussion thread Gave up on P900 EVF now wondering
    When the P900 first came out and were very hard to find, I found and bought one. I think its a good camera and and the zoom is fantastic. Would like to have it on my DSLR but I don't think I could ...
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