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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1389 comments in total)

Move to the present: open source.
Rawtherapee. Darktable.
Free. Excellent.
Open source.
Constantly evolving.

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jhinkey: It's not like this hasn't been going on since trash heaps were first appearing.
As a kid in the '70's we'd go to the trash/dump of the Provincial Park and watch families of bears come out every night to dig through the trash. Not really what you want bears to be doing, but it's been happening for a long time . . .

The real tragedy is that there is a landfill there at all.

True, and therefore we haven't learned a thing in all that time.

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yukonchris: There are definitely things we humans do to animals that are very wrong and shameful, but that is not the case with bears at a dump. I live in Canada's north and I can tell you that bears are scavengers - it is very natural for them. For bears, a dump is a kind of smörgåsbord of goodness. They'll pick through garbage and find what they want. Unlike animals that are caged up, no one forced the bears to go to the dump. They went there because they liked what they were smelling. In fact, for older bears that have lost the ability to fend for themselves in the wilderness, the dump may even be a lifeline of sorts. If that dump was located in Canada's north, there would probably be thousands of miles of unspoiled forest all around. The bear may well have a choice.

The problem is not what the bear is doing, but that it is digging and eating plastics. He should be eating in a river or in a forest, but we are destroying them. The main reason for massive inland wildlife reduction today is not hunting or trafficking, but environmental degradation and destruction.

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We don't care. We don't learn. We don't even care to learn.
We will stop destroying the planet only the day the last human being is dead. But the truly saddest thing is that the world will be a dry rock by then.

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Looking at these, I guess there is hope for me!

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....cause United breaks guitars....

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Impossible to compete with the winner #1.
Yet, also loved #8, and then #7.

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On article This camera is designed to keep only the best photos (8 comments in total)

Depressing in several ways... or maybe it's April 1?

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (890 comments in total)

This is like the analog vs digital in the 90's. In the beginning, EVFs had some compromises (specially, lagging) that made some photographers prefer OVFs, like sport photographers.

Now, EVFs have virtually the same image quality as a real life OVF, no lag (at least none that our brain can detect), and many advantages: WYSIWYG (hence MUCH less exposure problems), histograms, levels, etc, etc. Easy choice now.

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On article Capturing the unseen: Sam Forencich's Invisible Oregon (46 comments in total)

Truly spectacular in every way. Congrats to the photographer!

Link | Posted on Mar 10, 2017 at 18:04 UTC as 34th comment | 1 reply

I can imagine the scene at the World Press Awards: An auditorium full of people well dressed, champagne, beautiful women in long sexy black dresses, everyone laughing, everyone congratulating the photographer enthusiastically, the winner also laughing loudly and proudly.... while the picture of the dead man with its assassin stands behind the crowd.

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luisflorit: Vignetting heaven...?

As bad as stacking of two filters is precisely what I thought, and what I am afraid of. Two filters usually vignette badly even on a 24mm equivalent focal length lens.

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Vignetting heaven...?

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On article Hands-on with Ricoh's compact Pentax KP (635 comments in total)

Nice and ugly at the same time

Link | Posted on Jan 25, 2017 at 22:41 UTC as 195th comment

Since the landscape does not change much during each take, I am not sure that the timelapse actually adds much to the show. I think I would have preferred half a dozen or so pictures.

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On article Pulse: Extreme weather in black and white (56 comments in total)

Congrats to the photographer, spectacular!

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Matsu: It may not be relatively useful advice for brides - I'd ask instead to see a full wedding album from start to finish in addition to the usual collection of best images. However, it's not bad equipment advice for photographers.

The best bet for shooting weddings is to carry a kit close to what a PJ would use on assignment and between bodies, lenses and lighting with all-day or multi-day reliability, Nikon and Canon are still hard to beat on the balance of options, file quality, support and availability.

Could you use something else? Of course, depending on your experience, style, location and niche, some of those other options might even be better for what you do. But if you're advising a new wedding photographer, the big two are the safest real world recommendations.

" the big two are the safest real world recommendations" - that would like advising to buy a film Kodak in 2001: companies that insist on their dying old tech for fear of loosing customers. Mirrorless is the... present.

Link | Posted on Dec 28, 2016 at 20:19 UTC

Beautiful.... and it also shows how drones can disturb birds (at 1:16s).

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