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It looks like a decent product for a certain crowd. What about JPG processing? Half a camera were you develop your on pictures from memory. Size advantage diminished...

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Great that Canon recycles. Golf clap.

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Daniel Lauring: When the price comes down this will definitely be my G3x replacement. The limited focal length range of the original RX10 never made sense to me. The G3x is an awesome birding camera except for it's horribly slow speed.

Walk up a few paces and save hundreds.

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Too bad this camera is gear toward RAW shooters and using DXO mark software. The die hard RAW fan and phone camera only crowd. I had with me just didn't feel like processing RAW, just shot JPG with my phone.... Just a hardware gimmick for software.

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Dave Oddie: 60mm f.ov. equivalent on 4/3? Can't think of a more useless focal length.

It's not a standard lens giving a natural field of view and it's not short tele either.

On aps-c at 45mm equivalent it is almost the ideal standard lens focal length to give that natural viewpoint so makes much more sense.

Adding a 4/3 version seems like an afterthought. If I were a 4/3 user I'd get something like the Oly 45mm F1.8. The difference between 1.4 and 1.8 is minimal and not worth the compromise in my opinion.

I agree it's and after thought for 4/3. I don't know about useless part of your statement tho. Seems less than ideal with more compact alternatives for 4/3s.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1063 comments in total)

Looks like a great PEN and Olympus camera. Not my style tho. For my next Olympus body; I don't want OM-D E M1 Mark 2 , I want the lite version that is still has some body height, EVF, some type of built in grip and add built in flash. Kind of like OM-D E-M10, but different. And logical quick menus. I don't even care if they call it OMD or Pen.

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Is it goodbye Nikon 1? I was using my few year old Nikon 1 as compact camera for eBay, the dog park, and casual travel. Please Nikon make every accessory you can for that hotshoe for the compacts. Now Nikon new 1" sensor cameras can now be compared to compact cameras finally!

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ajay0612: it would have been better if they had lauched at least one cam with 100mm (35mm equi) prime with f1.0 (or wider) rather than launching 3 cam none of which is good enough for shooting portraits (a primary usage).

That why Nikon sell DSLR's. Get a compact for your favorite shooting type and DSLR with your favorite portrait lens.

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tg9413: funny all these ppl criticizing this camera for missing all these feature that you find on a GX series. Dude this is a entry level / fun camera. Too bad the US folks take it all too seriously and expecting every camera should come with loaded belts and whistles. That's maybe why they dont even bother releasing it here. For ones that say this may not have a market, you have no idea about asian female selfie crowd :x
And on side note, if you think it is ridiculous to make a selfie centric cheap little camera, olympus is in the same boat for making the suppose to be glorious PEN-F into some sort of JPG centric camera with a premium price tag.

Wrong example, for Olympus. They have the PEN EPL7 for $449 with selfie screen. PEN-F different user.

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Might be ok for extra video options. Maybe selfie stick monopod and B cam footage for Youtube.

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Edac2: I knew about the 2x focal length factor of micro 4/3 lenses (17mm = 34mm), but I didn't know that applied to the f-stop as well. Is it true that an f/1.8 lens is actually f/3.6 as the article states?

You step into a studio and you have your FF camera and you can use a m43 camera. You take pictures of the subject with your FF and leave the m43 camera alone because you need the same DOF in every shot. Really? Wait I can you move... lol

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Muqdad: Barney, please know that you are generating great potential for confusion by stating that this lens approximately behaves like a 34mm, f/3.6 lens. How about adding "in terms of field of view and depth of field" to that statement in order not to confuse those who have not been fortunate to read your Equivalence article but righteously think that this is a fast f/1.8 lens to be used for low light situations when f/1.8 is needed. Always make it clear that lenses for cropped sensors will act similar to their full frame brethren with similar f-number in terms of exposure. Please.

It not that hard to take a manual picture on Olympus with live view. Set a reasonable ISO or use a test shot on auto, Half press the shutter and it will tell +or - how far your away from a good exposure. Adjust shutter and aperture to even. Half press to confirm and shoot.

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HowaboutRAW: In cons:

Please fix the H.265 play back error.

No the format won't play with WinMedia Player on a Win 7 machine, nor will QuickTime play that format on a Mac.

However plenty of other AV programs play it on a Mac and PCs running Win 7.

Win10 will play it with Windows Media Player.

No, Ubuntu 15.04 not so much.

You don't need a serious CPU for H.265 playback. You need a real new CPU with HEVC hardware decoder. It can be budget.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (277 comments in total)

I'd rather get Rx... Not necessarly. I like primes more than fast zoom lens for a variety of reasons. I like that product is supported for firmware updates. I don't know if image quality is enough justification for purchase for person like me. Does is have better image stabilization or cleaner microphone sound for video than phone or alternative. Does it do better focus tracking than phone or alternative for stills and video? It has to stomp a compact camera in other areas not just match up for $600.

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zakoops: Will be interested to find out if BSI-stacked sensor of RX100M4 ($1000) has about twice the image quality of BSI Nikon J5 ($500), both being 1” and 20MB sensors.

Upgraded video is quite nice, but first what about image quality?

Sony has more subject isolation with RX vs kit lens of J5. Both are fine at theme park during the day. At a dim outdoor restaurant, Sony has the edge. You should use the flash of J5 more often. Or switch to 1.8/ 18.5mm lens for isolation and lower light with J5. Kit now $700.

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steelhead3: Is Nikon using the Sony 1" sensor now?

I still think this new improved Aptina sensor with Sony influence.

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jimr: The Nikon results look great. Very sharp.

Aptina and Sony have been sharing image sensor patents with cross license agreement for over two years. Readout speeds of Sony sensors has improved over the last few years. I still think this new improved Aptina sensor with Sony influence.

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Edgar Matias: Nikon 1 lenses are generally no smaller than m4/3 lenses, so for ILC cameras there's not much point going smaller than the m4/3 sensor size.

Most APS-C lenses are quite a bit larger than m4/3, and FF lenses larger still. As sensors continue to improve, I think FF may be completely replaced by APS-C.

EDIT: sorry this was meant to be a reply to @D200_4me comment

I have Nikon 1 lens and m4/3 lens. Guess what Nikon 1 lens are smaller and some with less optical compromises for the given size and cheaper. You should have a speciality use for Nikon 1 J5, or family member needing move past P&S. Like young active teen. (Great focus and tracking,easy depth of field) P&S replacement to complement your other gear, (Small camera that you could add wide zoom lens, vs other large lens to change in the field)

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It's a little funny and lame too. But it's message is for the "All In" or "All out crowd." You meet them... Examples the say: "This is a once and a life time." Plenty Often.

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On article Interview: Canon's Chuck Westfall on the new XC10 (352 comments in total)

I think this great camera because Nikon will now look at this segment closer because Canon made something. I need a prosumer version that's reasonable priced.

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