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I am at a loss to understand the complaints about LEICA prices..Everybody knows that Leica are the Rolls Royce and come with a price to match. Why? because they can.
You want cheap, there is a second hand "Happy times" camera on e-bay. You want top quality cheaper, may I suggest Cannon or Nikkon. You want Leica, may I suggest selling the house, car, wife and Kids...
You KNOW it is going to cost.
Half of the ability top produce results is the camera.
Half of the ability of a camera to produce results is the "FEEL"that the photographer gets when he /she picks the camera up. a leica "FEELS" like no other camera. My shots with my EOS are nothing like my shots with my Leica. They are of the same tech specs, but "FEEL" Totally different.
If I want a 50mm shot I can choose either set up. It depends on the "FEEL" that I am after, as to which one I use for the shot.

If you want a Leica, then only a Leica will do, and you are going to part with some serious money. But you already know that.

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