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I'd love to see some demo shots of the "LED support flash". LED lightsources have not yet been able to be 'intense' enough to give the same light intensity as Xenon flash but if that's changed I wouldn't be the only one delighted!

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samfan: Oh my. It's very unfortunate but most likely they ended up in trash, since the junkie thief saw nothing but some old worthless cameras.

Not that I want to be pessimistic, but... You know.

yeah what I thought too

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The sad thing is that whoever stole these probably thought "bah, old cameras, worthless" and chucked them :(

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On article What we want in a macro shot – Background (69 comments in total)

Background and lighting are the tricky things that separate the A1 macro shot from the ordinary A grade shots. It is so easy to be excited by what the equipment CAN take you that you forget to make the shots beautiful as well. The last 2 tricks are particularly good - wish there were more around. Must go and look at your portfolio :). Quick question if I may, the flash reflection in the bottom frog is tiny and they vary in the others. What flash, diffuser and setting do you typically use - my hunch would be the strength is very carefully balanced to let in background colours?

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JesperMP: Quotes from Ricoh statement:

"Now Ricoh aims to establish a _consumer_ business."
Does not sound good for K5 and 645D.

"Ricoh takes it as an indispensable initiative to obtain the _small_ and
_lightweight_ interchangeable lens camera technology, lens technology and sales channels held by the Pentax Imaging Systems Division [...]"
Sound as they really like the Q.

Obviously Ricoh/Pentax cannot continue to maintain so many diverse products:
645D and lenses, Kr+K5 and lenses, Q and lenses, GRX and "lenses", GRD, and consumer P&S cameras.
What will be axedl ?
Will there be a new APS-C mirror-less ?

This is misunderstood I believe. Ricoh has a large B2B business element whereas 645d, K5 is B2C.

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