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I think the American people need to revolt against the US patent office.

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On article Adobe releases Revel for Android (5 comments in total)

So why do we need yet another photo sharing service? I suppose the draw for this one is that you can pay Adobe every month and get less for your money. Hmmm.

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KariIceland: Yay.... I don't give a F... Adobe, why would I want to RENT software instead of BUYING IT? Also WHY risk having someone STEAL My credit information?!

You do not rent all software, you buy a perpetual license to use the software, which enables you to use it for the rest of your life if desired. Rented software stops working when you stop making those payments. Big difference.

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CollBaxter: For some some buying its a great deal.

So lets see . If you went out and purchased CS6 and lightroom . It would cost you about $800 . So that means you could rent it for 6.5 years for the same money and get the upgrades free and not have to buy upgrades. 6 years in adobe speak is around 2 version for CS upgrades and quite a few for LR.

Although if you already own it and paid full price ( How many did) then you are getting screwed. Actually its going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

Corel PSP X6 costs $100 and a near yearly upgrade of about $70 . So for a bit more $20 you can have CS and light room .

Is a ducks bum watertight.

Not true. The $10 offer is for a limited time, after that the price doubles. Adobe could also raise the monthly rental fee, which would affect the next subscription renewal. Also, the $700 cost of Photoshop CS6 is an inflated price to encourage cloud enrollment.

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Confused of Malvern: "Through December 2, 2013...." ? What ghastly grammer!

Come on DPReview, you can do better than that - either "Until 2nd December.." or "Up to and including 2nd December..."

Somewhere around December 2nd I expect a new announcement extending the offer to early 2014.

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (394 comments in total)
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Chris2J: I have recently bought Photoshop CS6 after much deliberation. I bought it on my budget account over 24 months, as the full price would dent my cashflow. Can I now somehow upgrade to Photoshop CC, or will Adobe let owners of CS6 have a free upgrade for at least 24 months to compensate? If not, this is highly unfair to recent purchasers who still need to get value out of their investment.

Does anybody know?

Adobe have always been stingy with upgrades. I bought CS3 upgrade from Elements not knowing that CS4 was about to be released. Contact Adobe about free/low-cost upgrade to CS4 and no deal, just the standard upgrade, which for me would have added up to the cost of buying the full CS3. I believe that this kind of greediness is part of the reason Adobe has a revenue problem right now. They can't give away the farm, but they can reward valued customers. Problem is, they don't value customers.

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All that Adobe talk about how difficult it is to develop CS and CC simultaneously is marketing nonsense. Any difficulties are self made from trying to make CC a higher tier product. If they were the same except for cloud -vs- perpetual licensing, then the only difference would be the license manager, which is no big deal.

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mainebones: Adobe is king of the hill now, but like Microsoft, the king can become the Goliath which becomes the target of upcoming developers.
This proves how important competition is.
Check out Gimp as an alternative to PS.

At the moment Gimp is no competition for Photoshop and likely never will be. If Corel has good sense, they will have a competitive product almost ready for release about now. The writing has been on the wall since Adobe's first attempt to go cloud only.

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Octane: Dear Adobe, each update is like selling a new product to a customer. You have to come up with new features, be creative and cutting edge. You have to win them over each time. If you see a decline in people upgrading, it means your updates are not good enough. Forcing people into paying for updates through a subscription and increasing the price and disowning users from their software is not a substitute for innovation.
And don't insult us by saying it's only $9.99 when it's only a temporary offer and it would be better for us. Thanks Adobe, but I have a brain and I can think for myself.

That's the Comcast mentality. Give em a deep discount for a limited time, but talk about it as if it will always be at the lower price.

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In theory, the subscription model has some great benefits... for Adobe. They get a more predictable and steady income that is not dependent upon cranking out upgrades with new features to woo customers into upgrading. After all, they have a captive audience with no significant competition. This reduction in marketing pressure allows them to slow down on developing new features. Maybe they can lay off a few engineers and increase profits even more.

The silver lining to this cloud is that without the time pressure to deliver new features, they might take a bit more time to make sure everything works before releasing it to the cloud.

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I appreciate seeing these laid out side by side, but am puzzled why Aftershot Pro wasn't considered worthy of competing in this event. It sports a competitive feature set, so the output quality and speed comparison would be particularly useful.

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