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Nex-7 owner: I'm a programmer myself and I know that changes to the user interface are the simplest thing to do when it comes to software development. This is not about creating new functionality for the camera, it's about proper options for existing features and access to them!

I understand that Sony sees features that would make Nex-7 shooting experience just a bit closer to "professional grade" as a threat to it's SLT market. There are no technical difficulties with implementing software ergonomics in the product. It's a pure policy issue of the company: we will not upgrade the product so we can sell the next one and we will on purpose strip down the features of a really expensive camera just so (we think) we have better sales of the big SLT brothers.

After all those sour words I would also like to thank Sony for the update because I already thought that it's a lost cause. Please let cameras with great potential be as they should and stop limiting them (and the successors)!

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