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Much admirable expertise, as smartphones push "real cameras" toward "pricey professional cameras". Can't Nikon/Canon/etc produce an intermediate machine for the rest of us?

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sircarlphil: Am puzzled why Chris thinks IBIS is important in a camera for street photography. However you define it, it most often refers to taking pictures of people out in public -- people who are generally not posing stock-still, but are either moving around or might move at any moment. All of which means you rarely have the option of using slow shutter speeds (unless you intentionally want to create motion blur), making camera shake a non-issue. In the many years I've done street photography, i can't remember a time when I shot at less than 1/60 of a second. I couldn't care less about IBIS.

Good point. I've also found shooting Austin musicians often requires 1/125th or faster to freeze motion. IBIS solves some problems, but not all.

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Photographing a face up close with a wide angle lens is a terrible idea -- nobody looks good. Most portrait shooters prefer a mid-telephoto range like 90mm, not 24mm. Why this isn't a standard option on computer cams, baffles me. I've heard some folks actually get cosmetic surgery to enhance their selfies. Stop the madness!

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JDPhotographer: First time I hated Drake :)

Chris is picking on him more and more, though Jordan is the smart one. Time for a marriage counselor? Or a streaming soap opera?

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Fun, especially for a firmware upgrade. Maybe needs more slide whistle?

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Great fun. Camera obscura, indeed...

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On article DPReview TV: Nikkor Z 800mm F6.3 VR S First Impressions (208 comments in total)

Fresh insights to an interesting lens, and valuable birding tips like flamingos are more commonly found on lawns in Florida. Thanks, guys.

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Landscape photos? Mostly tarted-up porn, to real landscapers.

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I miss Mel Blanc...

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My 2012 Nikon P7800 is still my favorite for casual walkabout snaps. 12 MP sensor, excellent 28-200mm, image stabilization, decent video, nice prints up to 12x18, horrible EVF but the articulated LCD is peachy. Used, it would cost about what your two tested cameras cost, and I suspect you'd be happier campers. Another article about cheap/used?

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On article DPReview TV: Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 G2 review (85 comments in total)

A much older Tamron 28-75 was my most-used lens at weddings. I never had a client complain about sharpness or bokeh. They cared about expression, framing, spontaneity.

Photo gear is superb now. I mostly watch for the continuing adventures of Chris and Jordan. Same reason I watched Top Gear once upon a time, which was never about cars.

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No focus breathing with two lenses? Maybe instant focus stacking with 3?

Brilliant, Apple.

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NFT's are a swell new way for photographers to ignore patent and copyright registration. Until they aren't. Lawyers must love NFT's. Caution advised.

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My favorite landscape film was Fujifilm Velvia 50, and my first digital camera was a Fujifilm Finepix S2, based on a Nikon body. That remarkable transition from film to digital is detailed in Mr. Komori's fine book "Innovating Out Of Crisis". I suggest Canon and Nikon study it. Fujifilm is a serious player now.

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cosinaphile: chris while your at it can you tell your comrades to toss out all these conjecture about "equivalence " cause if your gonna start tossing science in the trash like the fda
... id love it if you started with equivalence

which obsesses over nuance of noise at a given iso etc postulates a new f stop for almost every camera except those in cellphone .. another "agenda "

so apsc does this full frame does that ... 1 inch sensor another thing and m43 this ?
you wanna promote the fiction that tiny pixels are as good as big ones i suggest you start by comparing cell phones at iso 1600 at full size against ilc cameras

come on guys you cant have spent the last several years obsessing over nuance of equivalence and then promote this stuff ... its just crazy

yuo gonna have a lot of people jump ship on this if yuo throw noise comparisons at 1005 ont with the bathwater

seriously ....worst vid ever

I have a 24 megapixel 2012 Nikon D600 (DSLR) and a 12 megapixel 2012 Nikon P7800 (digicam). Both are fine for my needs, but the P7800 Is unusable at ISO 800, while the D600 does credible work for me at ISO 6400. Sensor (pixel) size, perhaps?

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On article In-depth tripod review: ProMediaGear Pro-Stix TR344 (110 comments in total)

Your vibration graphs are swell, but may I suggest a simple visualtest that would allow tripods to be easily compared? Put a 400mm lens on a camera, put that rig on various tripods, and shoot your studio target at various shutter speeds. We could judge the loss of resolution as shutter speeds slowed. Using your studio target makes the images helpful in knowing how much resolution is lost in general with a long lens.

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Bob Smart: I know there may be situations where it’s imperative to have as little noise as possible but I’ve always struggled with the obsession over it. I’ve taken shots with plenty noise that I love. I’ve taken shots that aren’t ‘technically’ perfect, hell, I’ve even taken shots that aren’t perfectly in focus that I’ve loved.
Just as well I’m easily pleased, just realised I take a lot of bad shots.
In all seriousness though, I’ve got a D800, a D3 and a D2x and I’ve loved using them all.
A local company recently used 2 of the hundreds of images I’ve taken at their premises over the last couple of years, these are now on their premises wall and are ridiculously large and neither of them were taken with the D800, because the pictures they chose were more pleasing to their eye….photography is a subjective thing and I think we do our profession/hobby/obsession, whatever it means to you a great disservice by picking at the details of it such as megapixles/camera make/noise.

Just my tuppence worth

Tri-X grain was a feature of the film. If the grain was sharp, the print was sharp. Once upon a time...

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Your real-world advice continues to be invaluable. dpreview can't possibly be paying you enough. Thanks.

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Chris Butler: Useful, but for those of us who don't regularly have sex with our camera gear, could you please show us some real world stability comparisons? Maybe with a 400mm lens, at multiple shutter speeds?

Need-to-know, and don't tell the wife.

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Chris Butler: Useful, but for those of us who don't regularly have sex with our camera gear, could you please show us some real world stability comparisons? Maybe with a 400mm lens, at multiple shutter speeds?

Apologies for my clumsy wording. I should have said "for those of us who aren't intiimately familiar with our camera gear"...

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