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Earthlight: Both are fine cameras. That said, I feel this time Nikon hit a home run and this should be reflected in the scores. I shoot with Canon myself, but find the Nikon better and incredible value.

Of course you can make fine pics with both. But why review any cameras at all anymore if that is the sole criterion. The sensor in Nikon is leaps and bounds better. And no, I do not mean the pixel count.

The problem I see with the whole back and forth thing is that Nikon essentially skipped the 20-30Mp range and with all help from Sony released a camera.

Canon, on the other hand, has developed, from the ground up, almost every sensor they've ever used and now are 3-4 generations in to an industry standard setting camera. ... long before Nikon could even hold a candle to what Canon was doing.

Personally I don't care and never will. The argument is perfectly laughable at this point and totally meaningless. Since no one remembers much history these days, proper respect will never be given to Canon for their advancements in digital imaging technology.

Perhaps DPR recognized that and felt the rating was on par based on fact and history and a sterling reputation among industry pros.

Every one complains about every thing. I, after reading DPR for a while now, am convinced that there aren't many photographers who will EVER be happy ... no matter what any one does.

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