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princecody: I don’t want to pay for an Adobe subscription or be in the cloud. Any good alternatives? Adobe took away the single download that frustrates me 🙄

princecody, although you are right to lament Adobe's greedy subscription model, you really need to work on your understanding of communism.

You might want to look at the open source alternatives, which (ironically given your comment) actually quite communist in being free and open source.

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Sdaniella: $3000 Samsung Galaxy is far more affordable than $200,000-$300,000 for a Nokia-based gem encrusted Vertu cellphone (not yet fully "smartphone")

at least for the far less than super-rich

in China (first-time i ever saw a Vertu store* in Beijing (China) shopping mall)

*and a Porshe store, an Audi store, even a Nikon store, etc, etc ... on the lower levels of my hotel**

the largest single language market in one region on the planet

pocket change

**in another Beijing hotel ... i saw a Lamborghini store, beside a Bentley store, beside a Ferrari/Maserati store ... so, i thought ... hhhmmm, we don't have all that in my "cosmopolitan city" except spread out separately in downtown core or suburbs store (singular)

Conspicuous consumption is important in Chinese society, but there is a lot more at play here. The market for luxury goods exploded in recent years in China but is actually retracting now. The reason? Xi's huge anti-corrosion drive has meant a massive reduction in 'gift giving' (bribes in the form of luxury products). Of course, such gifting still takes place, so when you see a Chinese person in a luxury shop remember that the products they are purchasing might be for 'gifts' and that this is often a necessity if they are to be successful in their careers.

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Atomez: Leica cameras and lenses are 90% made in Portugal. Then they're shipped to Germany where they insert the imaging sensor from Japan (Sony), the red dot and "Made in Germany" logo.
(the video is portuguese spoken, but you'll get it)

HowaboutRAW, does CMOSIS have a fab in Europe or does it design in Europe and have sensors manufactured in Asia (in a similar way to ARM operates)?

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Jylppy: Looks a nice & capable camera, but I think this category of cameras should shoot 4k video. For a DSLR I do not care about video at all, but this camera is not a DSRL replacement, but a "casual upgraded smartphone camera".

And yes, I shoot Canon and like Canon products.

I think that only really matters to a small subset of people posting to sites like Youtube, and even then most will just upload in 1080. I've got a 4k camera, RX100iv, but have never used it to shoot 4k. Why? It's a pain to process it and share it with friends and family. I have used it to shoot 1080, but again not very often because it is just much easier to use my phone to record video and then share it with people (automatic upload to Google Photos or whatever).

Having 4K would probably assist sales though, as people will think they might need it (but actually never use it).

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)

Richard, can we look forward to DPR doing reviews of alternative software? There seems to be a lot out there and it would be useful to have your assessment of it, for both amateur and professional need.

I know you do some software reviews, but it would be handy to have all the alternatives in a single comparison article.

Apologies if this has been asked before.

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On article Google Research explains the Pixel 2 portrait mode (80 comments in total)
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desertsp: Just finished reading the Google Research blog post. Man, that stuff is pretty impressive.

Some of these concepts could definitely be applied to "regular" cameras, but I imagine it would be very expensive to do so, due to the complex research and programming involved.

But why would camera manufacturers do that? Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. could have poured R&D into developing such technologies and applied it to compact cameras, however that would of course have destroyed sales of interchangeable lens cameras which is where the big money is made. They wouldn't apply this type of research to interchangeable lens cameras because, again, it would hurt sales of fast lenses. Why buy a F1.2 lens when the F2 or even F4 plus some inbuilt software can produce the same effect at a fraction of the price?

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FelixC2013: Why is DPR even posting stuff like this? Where does this post meet any one of you criteria in your mission statement? Does it have anything to do with photography? Nope. It is a cool video of some a-hole but there are plenty of sites that he will get press from.

Or are you guys trying to be like Petapixel which posts tons of crap like this? Your site was more respected than some of the other sites, but I think you guys lost some of your mojo now.

I absolutely agree with this. There seems little difference between DPR and Petapixel lately, down to the tabloid-esque headlines. At least with Petapixel I expect this sort of content. If DPR wants to maintain its reputation for professional photography journalism then a video like this needs to be accompanied by some actual journalism, for instance a piece of drone dangers, discussing recent legislation etc.

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trainingpants: What's never mentioned about trash in the oceans is that this is a problem in poor and developing countries. It's no surprise that this picture was taken in Indonesia.

Dumping trash in the oceans has been banned for decades in most post-industrial countries; the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The waste is either recycled, incinerated or buried in landfills and doesn't end up in waterways or the oceans unless it's tossed there by careless people; the thoughtless ones who leave their trash in parks, picnic areas and the wilderness for others to pick up.

trainingpants, although it's true that such regulations exist in Western countries now, for many decades they did not and much of that plastic waste is still 'in circulation'. Also, remember that ships also dump a lot of waste at sea, not to mention the many containers that are lost at sea each year and deposit their contents into the oceans.

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Androole: So, reading this in depth a bit more, it seems to have an incredibly small market.

No internal 4K.
Narrow 24mm equivalent FoV.
No stabilization.
$700 USD.

Using an external recorder for 4K utterly negates the size advantages of the design.

Shooting in 1080p, coupled with the f/4 lens and (apparently) reduced effective sensor area means that the image quality is unlikely to come out ahead of a GoPro shooting 4K.

All of that combined with the $700 price tag effectively means that this is a very niche product, likely for professional productions that can use a 24mm FoV and need ultra-high frame rates.

Can anyone think of a real consumer market for this product?

The dynamic range of the Sony should be substantially higher than the GoPro, cropped sensor or no cropped sensor.

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Adam Sharp: Dpreview . Really please post something interesting . Some of the things you post of late are complete rubbish .

A lot of the stuff is just recycled from PetaPixel, who recycle it from other news sites themselves. DPReview is a lot more respectable than most of those sites, but I think they are slowly eroding that respectability by reposting these 'trending' stories without further journalism attached (and by that, I mean they may find themselves reposting a story to follow a trend when the story is actually entirely fictional).

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Tomasz_S: It definitely looks interesting and way more affordable than, say, Nikon's R1C1. I'm intrigued.

They're really incomparable. These LED macro lights are just not very bright. May be fine for taking shots of something like jewellery for ebay but certainly not for subjects like insects.

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On article Intro to drones part 2: How to choose your first drone (48 comments in total)
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turretless: Whoever will make a 200 grams drone with 4K video and descent 3 axis stabilizer will get a good chunk of the market. Spark is still too heavy and camera features are limited... Besides geo-fencing is still there, which render the drone useless in many situations.

It'll be fascinating to see when the tech can really get to that point. After all, plenty of birds weigh less than 200 grams.

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thejohnnerparty: I'm seeing a trend in new lens designs and I'm not liking it. I see it in this Samy 35. I saw it in the new Nikkor 28mm F/1.4. And I've seen it other lenses - the flat look of the principle subject in the foreground. It doesn't look natural to me. The subjects almost look like an overlay on the photo. I hope I wrong about this, but before I buy any new lens I'm going to be looking for that characteristic. I'm just not fond of it. I think it is being caused by designers that provide enhanced background bokeh. ..... I'm not an optics engineer, so if this is nonsense please don't go ballistic. ;-)

Could you provide examples of lens and photos that do and don't exhibit this characteristic? I can't say I've noticed it, but maybe I haven't got my eye in.

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This needs to be featured more prominently. I wasn't aware of Ho before - these images are amazing. The best street I've seen I think.

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Franglais91: Mirrorless make up 36% of shipments. So what?

When I go out in the field (Paris, Rome) I hardly ever see a mirrorless camera.

- Mirrorless cameras are still not mature. Every year there is a new model which is bought by a dedicated population of users.
- DSLR's are very mature products. It takes 4 years or more to develop something that is significantly better than the existing version. And many buyers are not even going for the new version straight away

You've answered your own question. Based on your descriptions, mirrorless represents an area of growth while DSLRs are stagnant. From a business point of view, which market segment seems more appealing?

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(unknown member): More places ruining the skies for astronomers. This tiresome need to "light up the night" and ruin everyone's sleep patterns in the process. Pretty soon, all observatories will have to be on the dark side of the Moon.

While I can feel your pain (I live in the UK, where light pollution is severe), I don't think these drones will make things any worse in Guangzhou, a city of 14,000,000 and therefore already extremely bad light pollution. Also, drone displays like this would probably only last about 10-15 mins (because of battery) so wouldn't have much effect in any areas and certainly less than the smoke produced by large or many firework displays.

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On article GIMP seeks funding for future advanced features (228 comments in total)
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NaBalam: PROs go with Photoshop, it's way better. So GIMP could be aimed at the non-pro market (those with entry level DSLRs for example), but it's GUI is complicated and frustrating.

Free Lightroom? Then that would be Darktable.

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MrBrightSide: As the US population ages, voice assistance will become the robot exoskeleton of the creative class.
You kids think this is silly now, but wait till a lifetime of swiping and tapping catches up with your joints. Arthritis is an equal opportunity disease—you will be storming the gates at Adobe headquarters begging them to let you buy this product.

I think this is the only comment that gets it. Voice control is slower, even useless, for most of us but for those with limited motor skills this will be liberating. That's why Adobe shows not a young, hip creative type in the video but an old man!

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Enhance 224 to 176. Enhance, stop. Move in, stop. Pull out, track right, stop. Center in, pull back. Stop. Track 45 right. Stop. Center and stop. Enhance 34 to 36. Pan right and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34 to 46. Pull back. Wait a minute, go right, stop. Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there and post to Facebook.

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On article Samyang introduces full-frame 20mm F1.8 ED AS UMC (160 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: offering it in samsung nx mount ? i guess the nikon rumor was true but fell thru?

or something .... isnt nx a dead system? do enough people own cameras in that mount stumped

Well it is Samyang, obviously another Korean company, so NX was probably quite popular in South Korea. This is manual focus so has appeal to video makers, where the NX1 still remains popular (resale values on NX1 and lenses remain high).

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