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Kwick1: Wait - first you say (and show) that it has serious banding issues in backlight, then you meet with Sony Marketing execs and suddenly everything is looking good? Anything for those affiliate dollars, I guess. Wouldn’t want to make Sony mad by doing an honest review.

Rishi - just ignore the nonsense.

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ttran88: Is that typical Sony colors there?? The black doesn’t look good at all!!

Do you believe everything you hear, especially when the source is Canikon?

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Michiel953: Won’t be getting this one; I love warped images.

You have such a warped mind.

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Remember when DxO refused to publish the results with the original Olympus E-M5? Well, those of us that bought the camera knew we had a good one on our hands (I still have mine and use it for cave photography under extreme conditions - with beautiful results, BTW). DXO couldn't believe - at the time - that a m43 camera (4/3 sensor) could do so well (and the APS-C/Full Frame bias was in full force at DxO at that time). Of course, the pioneering 5-axis IS by Olympus had DxO totally confused too.

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Check his comment about shooting the pecan tree, the oldest tree in the US, until just recently. Oh, really? Obviously, he's never been to California where the Sequoia trees can and do exceed 2,000 years old, and this has been known for a long, long time.

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They're tasting blood at Sony. Time to move in for the kill. Look out, Canon!

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Well, well, well, Sony (and the A7RII and A9) put the heat on Nikon. They are really feeling the flames now. Nikon has seen the future (finally), and it is mirrorless. And I will happily go on shooting with my A7II and A7RII. Oh, and I still have my ground-breaking Pany G1 (which takes great pics).

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larrytusaz: How long has the Sony A6000 been in production, 3 years? Yet still it's a great camera even by modern standards. I got one 2 years ago for like $440 with the 16-50PZ--that would be a pretty good price then it was a REALLY good price at that time. I still look around but it seems especially for the money it can't be beat.

To KeepCalm, stay calm. Stop being so dramatic. When you get a new camera - A6000 or otherwise - you should always check the version of firmware inside it. That will help narrow down the age of the camera - i.e., approximate time of manufacture, as opposed to initial launch date. And, no, it is unlikely that Sony, or any other manufacturer, would go back to old stock, yank out the cameras, and update the firmware.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (890 comments in total)

EVF. Next.


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On article Olympus working on 8K video for Micro Four Thirds (219 comments in total)
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Reactive: Has anybody here stood very close to a 4K TV and tried to see the individual pixels? Want to try 8K? Whether its a 60" home TV or a 60 ft stadium screen, 8K is pointless for human eyes. Its only purpose (just like the '3D revolution') is to give something 'new' and 'better' for manufacturers to sell us. I'd much rather Olympus stopped at 4K and devoted their R&D budget to improving image noise and dynamic range.

What makes you think they are not currently working on image noise and dynamic range like everyone else? Of course they are. Just because they are exploring 8K does not mean they don't have the resources for other things. Take a deep breath and relax.

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tedolf: So does this mean Nikon 1 comes back from the grave ?


No, Tedolf, you can go back to sleep now.😉

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ThatCamFan: If they learned to build factory's like we do in Iceland there would not be a scratch on the building.

What an ignorant statement by you. You know that is not true. And, yes, I know something about earthquakes - I live in California. And I've also been in Iceland. Next time, think before you write.

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Achiron: It's really incredibly ugly. Reminds me of the E300/330 from Olympus. I'm all for innovation, but doing a/b testing can't hurt.

Hey, you can make fun of me, but do not ever make fun of my Olympus E330!!! How dare you?

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm X100 (176 comments in total)

I still have my X100 and will NEVER sell it. Great IQ and with the firmware upgrades it is a very different camera. It also has the APS-C sensor, not the X-trans sensor, and that makes it unique. I love it. AF is also quite good. Even though I use my Sony RX1R more, the Fuji X100 will remain as part of my arsenal. Classic indeed!

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krassphoto: Great review. Thanks, DPR! Now I'll stick with my excellent fz1000 and feel good! :)

Yep, got my FZ1000 last year for less than $700. Great camera for a steal of a price.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1393 comments in total)
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Sergey Borachev: "Compared to its larger sensor competitors, the E-M1 II shows a noise penalty of about 1EV, which is higher than the 2/3EV you'd expect from sensor size alone." - DPReview

After 3 years, the new E-M1 II has gained only a tiny improvement in IQ, while competitors pull ahead and leave it further behind. Not using the latest sensor technology provides, this E-M1 is disappointing in the one fundamental area that is important to numerous photographers, the quality of the image.

You are dead wrong.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (307 comments in total)
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LouMeluso: With the RX100II I have found a camera with a size, focal range, feature set and image quality that has made it a constant companion in my pocket for years. I can't tell you how enjoyable this camera has been to carry and use. Others can shoot with phones if they want, I don't care. I will use it till it dies...then get another. Worth every penny!

I'm with you. I also have the RX100 II. The hotshoe is critically important to me for the photography I do. I have no interest in any of the other Sony RX100s.

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DanK7: Haha, not yet released but some wag has already clicked "I had it."

Or maybe he's "had enough of it"?

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Cheezr: The company says dynamic range is improved, with noise performance improved by 1EV (though we're somewhat sceptical about this).

That comment is unworthy of you Richard. I have seen no snarky staff comments on any other Mfgrs announcement articles. Sad.

Yes, Richard, that was totally uncalled for. Consider retracting that sort of comment. You haven't had the camera in your hand yet. How can you possibly say that?

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)

Two cameras/lens? For a minute there I was hoping I could do stereo (3D) photography with it. Sigh...

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