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Simon97: Good on companies who provide new/improved features with firmware updates, not just bug fixes.

Good update, I am not sure if it is a good company though, over 3 year since the release of their rather expensive a99ii and not a single firmware update. No new lens and no explanation regarding the fate of A mount.

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Nikon listens, I am sure another card slot and eye af will added in the first firmware update.

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arhmatic: Fujifilm, you've nailed all the major tech specs.

Next, focus on the fine touches, that add character to any product. Focus on high-quality materials. no, not the "lunar" type of plastic, but stay away from rubber that ages and rubs within months. Focus on the little things that matter at the exterior. Maybe use a more stylish font. Leica has one. Maybe the menus need to actually be designed. Same wording, same functions, just a more inspiring interface. Maybe revisit the thick mark spacing on the ISO dial (more space around the L, A, H marks, that are the most common. Maybe the sense of depth at dials need a little revision. Please study a little bit more the entire "feel" of the camera. It does matter, trust me. Subconsciously.

Good points,
Focus on high-quality materials.

Let's hope they will do it with the next firmware update 😀

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noegd: The integration with Apple's photo library is appealing. Too bad it not only requires iOS 11, but also a fairly recent device (my iPad Air is not supported).

Same here, very happy with Snapseed though, specially with the recent update I doubt there is anything to miss

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Ayoh: Now since the A9 is supposedly the flagship model can Sony please provide a firmware updated which enables the same new software features found in the a7riii? like S-log and play memories in the least but multi-shot stitching as well?

Also, it is pretty disappointing they could not put the high-speed mechanical shutter, USB-C and 14bit continuous shooting modes in the A9 to begin with.

Seems quite stupid to cripple your top camera

They will get more money from this than their top (a9) camera, that's why.

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robbinsbox: viewfinder sounds wonderful. wish they had a two eye version:)

I am sure sometime in the future the will be some form of augmented reality glasses connected wirelessly, a matter of time. They should stop somewhere in the other features ( 8k, 12 k videos with great stills, 100MP, ultra fast af ..etc) ..
Ahh.. for me finally this year will see me buying a secondhand gh4 :)

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sierranvin: This camera appears to offer an efficient, highly functional touchscreen feature set, something the lunkheads at Sony can't seem to figure out (despite their selling full-featured touchscreen mobile phones)!

They are(Sony) in short supply of good software engineers. Imagine if they had to make the phone software, oh boy, will be a perfect mess :)

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Peiasdf: For $200 maybe. Anything above and an used E-PL makes more sense.

BTW, never buy a 1st gen Chinese/Korean product. One, 2 and 3 are all crap. Wait till 3T and finally it is competitive in quality.

200? That is very generous 😀
Seriously as said any used mirrorless camera would be a better choice

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Marty CL: I think this a very interesting announcement and as Sony and other companies introduce other advancements--it's good for consumers and good for the industry as a whole. Since the 1920's---we've seen photography advance in similar fashions and we've seen winners (surviving companies) and losers (those who went out of business or were merged into bigger companies). It's just the way advances in technology works.

What is distressing is the increasingly angry posts--both in defense of mirrorless and criticism of DSLRs and the companies who make them.

As a user of both DSLRs and mirrorless---I appreciate BOTH systems for their respective advantages. But to claim that DSLR makers are in a death spiral is a bit premature. According to CIPA.JP, Jan- April DSLR shipments out number mirrorless by 3.8 times. With a smaller base, mirrorless will naturally show larger percent changes.

Very well said

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Battery life is a huge disappointment, I have only tried Sony and fuji and there is a big difference. I feel that they are not investing enough to improve in battery and power saving (compared for example to the mobile phone). It is 5 years since the first nex camera..!

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