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armanius: Glad to see new gear coming out for m4/3. Truly underrated system. I do wish Panasonic would have given us a true GX8 successor that was a step up (as opposed to the GX9). Likewise, I'm hoping Oly will make a Pen Fii using the internals of the EM1iii (or even ii).

@AbrasiveReducer What people are asking for is new models in the same form form factor. The reason the Pen F didn't sell may have been due to the features rather the form factor, and that's something that could be fixed in new revisions. The only way to know for sure would be to release a new model with upgraded features and see what the market says.

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lexshotit: Atomos launches Connect... a rebranded $10 Chinese made HDMI Capture card.

I bought one of these from AliExpress several months ago for $10 and it works really well, it's a little shameful to see Atomos rebrand them and sell them at a $70 premium just for slapping their name onto the side of it. I'm pretty confident it's EXACTLY the same product: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000917130635.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.313856c39TvyYw&algo_pvid=ebbf51f6-6277-4725-83b6-49485ab9ba93&algo_expid=ebbf51f6-6277-4725-83b6-49485ab9ba93-0&btsid=0b0a119a16014619458741554ec1ed&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

True, but you're likely to get better support from Atomos. All depends on how much that support is worth to you. :)

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Luis Augusto: I absolutely adore KDE and open source software, and I've contributed code myself. However, DigiKam is just too outdated to be a serious contender (it's not the developers' fault, they just lack resources).

If we, as a community, funded an open source project, we could achieve so much. Instead, we pay a lot for the development of Photoshop and Lightroom, and for Adobe's big profit margins, and if at some point we stop, can't or don't want to keep paying every month, we lose access to it, even if we've paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars, we don't own a copy at all.

@IamJF I don't love darktable's drawn masks, but the parametric masks are great! And drawn+parametric can get you around a dodgy drawn mask sometimes.

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nextSibling: I just want to say one word to you. Plastics.

Camera reviewers really need to get past their 1980s prejudices about "plastic" materials and educate their readers/viewers about the advantages of modern polymer materials (thermal and electrical stability, light weight, weather resistance, strength.. and on). For a supposedly technical authority, the ignorance is surprising.

@Chris Niccolls The statement "However it's not the same kind of experience as the metal body and it doesnt have the same semblance of quality as the metal body." is exactly what @nextSibling was getting at with "1980s prejudices about plastic materials".

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Max Iso: "To further aid in the capture of infrared images, Ricoh has also made it so the live view display will show details not seen with visible light, making it possible to focus on objects you otherwise wouldn’t be able to through an optical viewfinder."

Are we talking ghosts here? What subjects don't reflect our visible light but do reflect IR light? Real question, i wasn't aware anything on earth did that.

@Alex Sarbu: You seem to be missing the point. The sample images in the article show objects that are visible. There would no issue at all focusing on them.

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(unknown member): It's a good, respectable piece of software. I tried it few months ago (on Linux), and was pleasantly surprised by its overall quality.

It's biggest issue is that it seems like people developing it and people actually using it are two separate, non-intersecting groups. And either the former is deaf, or the latter is mute, or both.

Some fine details seem to be nice and polished, but what about the basics?

1. When I tried to import my (very big) collection, I found out I could only do it folder-by-folder. Nested folders could not be imported. Given that I had my collection organized (using folders) as year/month/event, it was a huge pain, almost a show stopper.

2. When you import images from a recent shoot, you cannot quickly compare them at 1:1 to only retain keepers. With modern fast-shooting cameras (like my a6500), that's also a huge omission.

Maybe there were some secret/hidden key combos supporting those basic operations -- I have no idea. As a new user, I was baffled.

Try using digikam for those functions. Works well for me.

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