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Does that make sense to have? slider tilt/parallax Digital Video Talk 2 months ago
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underwater housing with manual zoom and focus... Underwater Photography 5 months ago
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wow... Eu Price of K1 vs. US Price is a difference of a cheaper lens (407,50€) Pentax SLR Talk 7 months ago
what kind of camera is that? also the lenses... advice is welcome Pentax SLR Talk 7 months ago
K-1 - possible to copy from card 1 to card 2? Pentax SLR Talk 7 months ago
Poll: What's your shutter count? (K5 only) Pentax SLR Talk 7 months ago
*Update* DIY underwater housing for any K-DSLR with some controls - detailed description Pentax SLR Talk 8 months ago
DIY underwater camera housing... what do you guys think? Underwater Photography 8 months ago
K5 K3... bottom pin layout for battery grip Pentax SLR Talk 8 months ago
Pentax underwater case...who is interested? Pentax SLR Talk 8 months ago
DIY underwater housing for K5...K3 etc. Pentax SLR Talk 9 months ago
FA 50 1.4 or sigma 50 1.4 non art? Pentax SLR Talk 9 months ago
Lightweight and very flexible Camera Dolly... would you be interested? Digital Video Talk 9 months ago
Pentax K5 battery grip pin layout Pentax SLR Talk 9 months ago
Underwater housing for Pentax K5...any recommendations Pentax SLR Talk 9 months ago
what to bring... Safari in Tanzania Pentax SLR Talk 11 months ago
portrait lens comparison, please Pentax SLR Talk Jan 14, 2016
Anyone has a IR converted SLR, a macro lens, and some Slides? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 21, 2015
anybody good at photoshop scripting? challenge.... Retouching Sep 29, 2015
K3 fits my original water housing Pentax SLR Talk Jul 9, 2015
Best focussing screen for manual lenses? Pentax SLR Talk Jan 31, 2015
K-3 Shadow Recovery Ability - Further Tests Pentax SLR Talk Jan 19, 2015
Decentered lens... a benefit for portrait work? Pentax SLR Talk Jan 15, 2015
DA 50 f/1.8 or FA 50f/1.4, Please advise Pentax SLR Talk Nov 23, 2014
DA* 16-50 F2.8 enabling screw drive Pentax SLR Talk Oct 31, 2014
Limited 77 1.8 used price? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 2, 2014
Some photos from K-3 with Sigma 300mm 2.8 + Sigma 1.4 TC Pentax SLR Talk Apr 2, 2014
my most funny concert image Pentax SLR Talk Mar 19, 2014
A repeated request from Pentax/Ricoh Pentax SLR Talk Mar 9, 2014
A great day in the snow... Kiting on Feldberg, Germany Pentax SLR Talk Mar 9, 2014
DA*... SDM Failed?? ...Enable screwdrive via firmware hack... Pentax SLR Talk Mar 8, 2014
30 Minute Limit on Video Recording Digital Video Talk Mar 3, 2014
Live Concert Open Air Samos... what do you think? C&C welceom Digital Video Talk Mar 2, 2014
My slide digitalizing machine... 2seconds per image = 1800 Slides/hour Pentax SLR Talk Feb 13, 2014
thinking of a k5 Pentax SLR Talk Nov 28, 2013
Fantastic K3 images, review from Japan Pentax SLR Talk Nov 27, 2013
IR K-3 Samples... is the AA-Simulation on or off??? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 31, 2013
Which Camera(s) for 3D Stills? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 15, 2013
Sigma lens recognition when fitted to K-5 Pentax SLR Talk Oct 11, 2013
ISO 51200 of K-3 small sample image - not too promising regarding high ISO IMO Pentax SLR Talk Oct 10, 2013
not relly convinced by this sample image of pentax K-3 on their homepage Pentax SLR Talk Oct 8, 2013
more amazing features untold by dpreview of K3. fringecorrection 6 corner highlighting Pentax SLR Talk Oct 8, 2013
r u kidding me? K-3 RAW VIDEO 14 bit?????? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 7, 2013
Sigma Art 35 1.4 just awesome... 100% included Pentax SLR Talk Oct 3, 2013
FA* 300mm f4.5 jittery focus problem? Pentax SLR Talk Oct 1, 2013
Filming > 30 minutes on an EOS Open Talk Sep 13, 2013