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About to get a DP1 from the first Amazon shipment . . . .


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On article Flash Options for Sigma DP1M, DP2M and DP3M (3 comments in total)

I tried a Sigma EF-610 (medium-sized tilt-head number) which the guy at B&H said might work. It didn't. For reasons I was not able to divine, it frequently didn't want to fire. Often the camera didn't seem to realize the flash was on it, and didn't set at 1/30 sec exposure.

No clue. But what seemed like a sensible combination is heading back to the store.

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1507 comments in total)

Where's the Sigma DP1M? The Leica Monochrome? Those are the two most interesting cameras of the year.

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DancingPhotoPanda: What worries me more in terms of comments here aren't the people pointing out possible issues with this camera, but the near fanatic herd of holier-than-thou "supporters" (who I'd like to think are paid shills for some other company) describing why this camera is so awesome and what you shoot with isn't in what are possibly some of the most condescending and insulting ways imaginable. No amount of actual insults towards Sigma or negative reviews could possibly hurt the brand as much as its "supporters" are.

OTOH, I'm having trouble imagining which company would waste money on trollish astroturfing given the market performance of the last few Sigmas. Have you people considered calming down, realizing that people have differing opinions, and letting people decide for themselves what they like? Right now you're just hurting the image of the company you claim to love.

I'm not a paid shill. I'm a guy who's willing to put up with the short-comings of the DPs in order to get the beautiful images they can (usually) produce.

I've reached the point where when I think of a state of the art Bayer sensor camera, I kinda lose enthusiasm. I'm just willing to put up with Sigma's short-comings.

And I'm very, very excited to have an improved (even if not up to spec with everyone else in the market) DP available.

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Occurs to me that a product like Hipstamatic probably gets a surge of revenue. And everyone who wants one gets one pretty quickly, your revenue goes straight into the tank.

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