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Outstanding images. Found Toronto Canada at 10:28 and 11:35. Ok, Toronto and just about every other city between Chicago and New York.

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On photo Moon House_V1 in the Interesting Landscapes challenge (24 comments in total)

Great conversations by all!

Just to add fuel to the fire, the water is also fake. It was done with software that I found on the web. When I have time I will add the individual images to my blog so you can see just how bad the original image was.

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On photo Moon House_V1 in the Interesting Landscapes challenge (24 comments in total)

I entered this image to see what would be the response. I was hoping that it would be disqualified or at least voted last place. This may be odd but it's this type of photography that drives me crazy and in my opinion is what has lead to the destruction of great photography and photographers. I created this image in Photoshop only because I was bored at a tradeshow.

So this image exists only because I was bored! That's simply crazy.

I have driven for hundreds of hours, traveled through out North America, made a very good living shooting professionally and of all my images this one has received the second most attention. To me that is simply wrong. Great images should have good stories. We should look at our images and remember the complete experience of capturing the moment. From the travel to the spot, to the moment the light was just right, to the smell of the trees to the conversation that took place. Not because I was bored and created an image by playing around in Photoshop!

So whats my point? I truly don't have an answer other then it's what it is, and that makes me sad.

So I apologize to all of you for using this forum as my own experiment and this will be the last image I post for sometime. I would say forever but we all know forever is never forever.

I will continue to take long drives and travel to scenic locations to take real images. I will continue to honour the true sprite of photography and continue to be that "old fart" that lives in the past when what you saw in print was what you saw through the lens of your camera.

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it was actually 27 hi-res images. final size was just under 3gigs

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