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  • Actually the Ricoh which I think Eilivk is having problem with is not the aps-c GR or GRII but the oldest GRDI 8mp from 2005. That one have the problem which Eilivk is talking about. Back in the ...
  • Replied in Regarding EVF
    EVF beside the main discussion. For Ricoh GXR which I don't know wheter you have had it or not, there is an EVF called VF-2 which also can be tilted straight upwards. It is a somewhat dated system ...
  • Serious Aps-c compact cameras.
    When did I write that is scene-modes on FF dslr or ILC is fine?
    Beside that I give nothing for if there is scene-modes on Dslrs or ILC cameras. What i was talking...

  • Assuming that we are talking about the GRDI 8mp here with Adj-wheel. Some minor drops of DeoxIT D5 solved that problem on my GRDI for a couple of years ago.
  • I'm talking about compact-cameras (Not small dslrs or ILC with interchangeable lenses) which those in the know buy, that already have some kind of advanced aps-c or FF Dslr or ILC system and want...

  • Those who buy a compact-camera with aps-c know what they are doing and couldn't care more for scene-modes.

  • This camera uses aps-c sensor size and as such is aimed at serious photographers which have no need for scene-modes.
    What other aps-c compact have scene-modes. On the mode-dial? I can't think of...

  • Scene-modes on the dial on a a camera like this. What a joke.

  • Replied in Daido Moriyama
    Underdeveloped in fact as there is no contacts for an optional EVF. I don't care a whole lot about it but other may and on a camera like this it should available as an option. Ricoh had it already ...
  • The optical performance of the lens is good enough. Ricoh Have used it in some of their earlier waterproof cameras like G600, G700, G800 and their less expensive WG-series of compact cameras like...

  • well, dammit. So it is most likely the same old 28-140mm f3.5-5.5 lens from the G600, G700 and G800 anyway which have no image stabilisation. From an optical performance point of view it is not a ...
  • If all this turns out to be correct it is good news indeed. I've tried to follow news of the GRIII and also been wondering of there would be a G900 or not since the G800 was announced in september ...
  • Haze, snow and ice.
  • I had a brief look look at some Iphone XS pictures in a review and was actually positively surprised by how well those images holds up even at full size. Yes there is some grainy noise even at low...

  • A CX6 might actually be good I believe. It have Phase-Detect AF sensors which means the AF likely is faster than the GR/GRII. I had the Ricoh CX4 long time ago and while it didn't have those ...
  • Good then. Fujifilm still needs to get the NR right though and I would prefer to buy a Ricoh as the UI likely would be better.
  • Some thoughts. Looks like nice small camera. But if I know Fujifilm right, they've got the X-trans jpeg engine rather smudgy I'm afraid. Even though I don't care about neck-straps myself I ...
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