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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (341 comments in total)
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Michiel953: Another observation. I don't understand the obsession of some with ultimate sharpness in edges and corners. What subjects are predominantly two-dimensional? Most are three-dimensional and, depending on the amount of field curvature, there's probably a slightly curved band of acceptable sharpness across the frame.
Then there's focus shift, less reliable AF points as you move towards edges and corners.

I would agree that it's worthwhile to be able to quickly get into accurate focus a subject far from
the center, for composition reasons, but that depends on so many factors.

If it were software, the software publisher would call it a "feature". So one might think of its blurry corners as a positive attribute. Others might not be so sanguine.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1308 comments in total)
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FlameRobin: I have only had my Canon EOS 7D for about a year but looking at getting a second good quality camera. Now that the 7D Mark II is available I am wondering if there is any point in getting that one as well or going for something totally different to complement my 7D. I photograph birds and landscape and at times it can be handy to have a handheld camera onsite as well as one on a tripod. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I have a 7D and a 7D Mark II and have shot over 200,000 images with both cameras. I also have a 5D Mark III and have shot about 100,000 images with it. I'm a landscape and bird photographer. The 7D Mark II does NOT complement the 7D -- it blows it to kingdom come. After shooting with the 7D Mark II for a single day, I have yet to use the 7D for a single shot. As for landscapes, the 5D Mark III is far superior to the 7D Mark II in that category. Where the 7D Mark II excels is in speed and accuracy of AF [especially in AI Servo mode] and fps, which along with it's 1.6x crop sensor makes it a great wildlife shooter. For me, when it comes to moving objects, I use the 7D Mark II, when it comes to landscapes, I use the 5D Mark III.

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terence_boylen: Could someone explain why this is a big deal (no sarcasm)? Does DPP do anything better than Lightroom/DxO/whatever?

There are a few pro Canon shooters who will tell you that Canon's RAW converter built into DPP is the best bar none. That makes sense, since they know more about the sensor than anyone else. The digital lens correction section is also quite good, as one would expect. Outside of those two aspects, I'm not all that impressed, but I do continue to use it daily just for the RAW conversion alone.

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