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Ditch the word 'phablet'.

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If you remove the marketing jargon, it's a 100 dollar flashlight.

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marcel smit: Totally waste of time and money if you ask me imho.
For that money en size you better spent your money on a decent compact camera.

No one did.

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Kodachrome200: at first i was intriuged but the more i think about about it the more i dont get it. its is going to perform essentially like a 28mm-50mm f2.8 full frame lens. witch is kind of an odd focal range. Also taking aps-c lens to this extreme to get similar performance to full frame zoom lenses makes little sense because it going to make the camera bigger heavier and more expensive. witch puts it in a category of full frame. yeah i know it wont be as expensive as a full frame setup but it may be pretty darn close to as big and heavy. so what is the point really. Also this may mirror the relative low light quality of a fullframe zoom and the dof but full frame still offer an inherent increase overall image quality.

It just means those people who already have an APS-C as their main body can benefit from some of the advantages of a 24-70 f/2.8 on full frame without having to sell all their other small, compact lenses and getting new FF ones. This lens may turn out to be expensive, but not as expensive as a whole system change.

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io_bg: What innovative does this iPhone have in the camera department? Nothing. If we have news for every new Apple product, why don't we have news from other cell phone manufacturers? Be it Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc...

Because it's the most popular and used camera ever. Ever.
By pros and consumers alike.

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rondhamalam: Dan Chung will do anything as long as you pay him.

Yes, it's called "being a professional".

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Shouldn't the Games be sponsored by Olympus?

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fanfong: "Reciever"

"I" before "E", except after "C".

What if ancient Sir Keith fancies to seize his weird foreign concierge?

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Marty4650: "Canon advises owners of affected cameras to thoroughly wash your hands with water if they have come in contact with the rubber grip"

What are the odds your hands would come into contact with the hand grips?

I'd guess.... 100%. There really isn't much "if" about it.

What a bizarre remedy for a poorly manufactured camera part.
The affected cameras should be recalled and the defective parts replaced.

And the part where they say "thoroughly wash your hands with water if they have come in contact with the rubber grips that have turned white.", which means there is no reason to worry if they haven't turned white.

From the statement, it seems like an impeccable reaction on Canon's part, pro-actively correcting a defect before anyone even noticed it. And it also seems you should read articles fully and try to understand them before spewing idiocy.

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